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5 Vanity Ideas to Elevate the Look of Your Bathroom Space

Blog | July 14th, 2022

You can lift the look of your bathroom space without spending a hefty sum by just adding the right vanity that offers a big statement to the overall look and functionality of your bathroom. A well-designed vanity can greatly add interest to a standard bathroom, making a basic interior look more stylish. For design options, here are 5 vanity ideas to elevate the look of your bathroom space.

Play with the Right Colour and Size

Choosing the right design for your bathroom vanity isn’t always easy. One vanity idea to elevate the look of your bathroom space is to play with the right colour and size. Choosing the right colour and size for your vanity can make or break your overall bathroom design scheme. Adding an extra pop of colours can add a glamorous feel and luxurious look to your bathroom space. The same goes with selecting the right size for your vanity. The wrong size will overpower the bathroom space rather than give it an extra dimension. Hence, carefully considering the right colour and size for your vanity can make your small bathroom appear large and beautifully designed.

Make it a Glam Station

Your bathroom vanity is where you spend most of your time in the morning preparing for work and in the evening washing up and doing your rituals. Making your vanity a glam station is likewise a good design idea for a vanity update. Creating a glam station out of your bathroom vanity provides you with combined storage and a decorative fixture for your bathroom space.

Add Storage and Shelves

In choosing the ideal vanity design for your bathroom space, one of the most important things to take into consideration is functionality. It is very important to have a vanity space for your bathroom stuff and items that are just within your arm’s reach. Another vanity idea that we recommend is adding storage and shelves. An organised vanity translates to cleanability and more clutter-free bathroom space.

Go with Double Sink Design

Opting for a different style for your bathroom vanity especially if you have a bigger space to fill, is another way to spruce up its overlook design. Try going with a double sink design or what is commonly called couples’ vanity. Adding his and her sinks is one way to instantly add character to your bathroom space.

Repurpose Your Vintage Vanity Piece

Another vanity idea to elevate the look of your bathroom space is to restore and refine your old vanity piece. Sticking to a classic theme can also be achieved by going with your repurposed bathroom vanity and vintage-style wall lights as a second to compliment the overall theme. This vanity idea lets you reuse and restyle your most precious vintage bathroom vanity with a little design update to give it a brand new stylish look. Repurposing your old bathroom vanity provides you with a sense of familiarity but with a more modern-retro styling. Restyling and refining your old bathroom vanity piece gives you an elevated and striking bathroom interior.

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