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Add Elegance and Style to your Bathroom with Modern Vanities and Joinery

Blog | December 10th, 2019

Elegance and style are two words you never would have expected to use in describing a bathroom. They are reserved for the facets of a home that are put on display, like for instance – the living room, patio or kitchen. Times are indeed changing and so are the features of the modern house. Apparently, you can add elegance and style to your bathroom with modern vanities and joinery.


Mirrors have become an essential part of the bathroom nowadays. That is why modern vanities and joineries have emphasised its function by making it the new focal point of the bathroom space. Modern vanities and joinery have incorporated mirrors in their structure to pave the way for this trendy and useful material. There is also a growing number of timber-framed mirrors recessed into the wall above the vanity, featuring an integrated open shelf. Recessed mirrors deliver an elegant, streamlined aesthetic, particularly when finished with a strategic combination of task and feature lighting. All in all, these features exude elegance and style in the bathroom space.

Statement Basins

Bold has become the modern world’s ultimate catchword. Vessel-style basins are now mounted on top of vanity benches. These statement basins add elegance and style through their colours, texture, pattern and interesting shapes. Basin styles range from delicate, floral-printed ceramics and jewel-toned glass, to rustic bowls crafted from natural stone. Metallic’s are also gaining momentum with modern vanities and joinery.


There is elegance and style in the simplest details if paired with modern vanities and joinery. This is where minimalist design comes into the picture. Laid-back, uncluttered allows us to reclaim a sense of simplicity in our increasingly frenetic lives. People just love it because it’s clean, simple and high impact, plus it can be achieved on all budgets. It usually involves bleached blond timbers, modular joinery, and lashings of natural light. If the look is too plain for your tastes, retain the visual economy with streamlined fixtures and fittings, under-mounted basins, and a crisp, pastel colour palette.

Natural Finishes

Nothing is more elegant and stylish than natural finishes. The warmth and tactility of natural finishes signify the appreciation of imperfections within materials. Experts say that the trend pivots around the use of reclaimed and recycled timber for vanities, bespoke seating or shelving. These materials add character and bring softness into the bathroom with texture, colour and feel. You can layer these rustic, textured materials together to tell a more complex design story. From limestone, cement, terrazzo and timber lookalike tiles, to large-format slabs and natural stone.

Avail an elegant and stylish bathroom with modern vanities and joinery from Knebel. With locations around Sydney and Canberra, Knebel is well positioned to handle any issues that may arise throughout any stage of a project. Knebel is committed to providing prompt resolutions to issues with minimal inconvenience to clients.

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