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Benefits of Hand Painted Finishes for Your New Kitchen

Blog | December 8th, 2017

If your kitchen is the center of your busy home lifestyle, as it is in most households today, your kitchen renovations should include hand painted finishes on cabinets and other surfaces that will last and create a room decor that satisfies all your style preferences and practical needs. Other popular surface finishing methods include spray painting, laminates and staining. However, if you have fashionable timber cupboards and cabinets throughout your culinary prep and cooking area, hand painting is the best way to preserve the wood beneath the finishing paint. Many modern, eco-friendly paints, thinners and sealants today are especially kind to timber, keeping wood smooth and well-protected from scratching or excessive drying and cracking under the outer layers of paint.

Important Benefits of Hand Painted Finishes for Your New Kitchen’s Style and Functionality

There are definite and lasting benefits to choosing hand painted finishes for your kitchen cabinets, cupboards, shelving, snack-bar chairs and other furniture, such as the following:

• Updating Decor Cost-Effectively. – When you update your existing kitchen cabinetry, cupboards, shelves and furniture by hand painting these surfaces, you can create an entirely fresh environment in which to prepare meals and snacks while relaxing and conversing with other household members or friends. Rather than replacing furnishings that are worn or slightly damaged from daily use, just hand paint them in colours and paint textures that appeal to you most. You may choose satin, gloss or matte finishes when hand painting your kitchen decor. When you complete your paint job, you will have added new fashion, flair and personality to the entire room on a very cost-effective budget, leaving funds for investing in new appliances, cookware, china and glassware or attractive new benchtops of stunning quartz, marble or granite.

• Colour-Customising Decor and Ensuring Easy Upkeep. – When hand painting your kitchen, you can select your favorite colours and combinations of hues, enhancing all your future hours spent in your new culinary environment while preparing foods. You can look forward to time spent in your kitchen each morning, surrounded by your own chosen colour scheme. Also, regular upkeep and future maintenance of your new kitchen interior will be much simpler, since hand painted surfaces can be easily touched-up, and layers of hand-applied paint will withstand surface cleaning, even when done frequently.

• Supporting Many Decor Styles and Painting Techniques. – Hand painting is ideal for creating decor styles ranging from French provincial to modern minimalist, and your use of major colours and accent hues and tones are unlimited, especially since hand painting allows you to mix your own colours, unlike use of spray paints, laminates or lacquer finishes. Also, certain techniques common to hand painting like antiquing, distressing or colour-washing support the revealing and emphasis of handsome wood grains, natural surface imperfections and textures.

By contacting the experienced designing, building and home renovations experts at Knebel Kitchens, with the company’s head office and showroom located in Ingleburn, NSW, you will benefit from expert consultation, design, rebuilding and surface refinishing services. This superior home refurbishing team will guide you to achieving your ideal new kitchen interior. Using fine caliber hand painting techniques and your favorite colours and textures, they will enable you to create and enjoy the perfect decor for the dream kitchen you have always wanted in your home.

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