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Best Tips and Ideas in Choosing Kitchen Laminates for Your Sydney Home

Blog | October 21st, 2020

Kitchen laminates are currently very popular and practical in home decor for benchtops, adjoining kitchen counters or island-top counter space. Laminates are formed of different materials, including melamine, plywood, wood and wood veneer as well as decorative papers. The general technique used to produce laminates involves creating a construction material composed of multiple layers by sealing the layers together with adhesives, pressure or a heating procedure.

The final product is durable, easy to clean and maintain, stain-resistant and resistant to scuffing and scratching. Laminates are especially popular today because of the many varied designs, patterns and colours they display as bright or subdued kitchen decor elements. You can never go wrong with fresh new designs in decor laminates to give your kitchen an attractive, inviting aesthetic update. Below are the best tips and ideas in choosing kitchen laminates for your Sydney home.

Dare to be Bold with Creative Laminates

These creative and appealing laminate designs are available in new collections that contain attractive solids, innovative patterns and handsome woodgrain styles. Due to the growing popularity of these decorative designs for benchtops, tabletops and additional kitchen counters, these decorative laminates are now available in a wide array of fashionable colour combinations.

Immerse in Diversity with Europa Style Laminates

These varied laminate styles display pleasing international themes to suit many different fashions and modes in kitchen decor. Many of these laminates can be used in vertical applications as well. Interior design experts often suggest this type of laminate for kitchen counter and benchtop decor since the same laminate can be used in sections of surrounding walls as a coordinated styling feature.

Maintain a Clean Kitchen with High Gloss Laminates

These laminate choices lend pristine, high-sheen cheer to your new kitchen interior fashions. They are easy to clean with a damp cloth or sponge and light countertop cleaning agent and are durable, maintaining their lustre for long-term use. Even dark or thick liquid or food spills on your high gloss laminate finishes are simple and easy to wipe from your benchtop or tabletop surfaces in your adjoining breakfast nook or bar and snacking area.

When you consult the expert kitchen designers and renovators at Knebel Kitchens to guide you in selecting the ideal laminate for use in completing your kitchen decor update, you will benefit from the advice of experienced experts. This top-quality team can advise you concerning ideal laminate surfaces, designs and colour combinations to choose to achieve your ideal kitchen update. This excellent team will help you select an attractive, durable and practical laminate design to brighten and enliven your culinary preparation area, creating a highly appealing kitchen environment with delightful and inviting decor.


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