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Kitchen Trends in 2022: Elements to Consider for Your Sydney Kitchen

06 January 2022

There are fresh and innovative kitchen design trends for updating your Sydney kitchen in 2022. Kitchen design and decor trends do not change frequently. Many trends remain in popular use for as many as ten years. Popular kitchen styling trends change one by one until an entire design mode is replaced by another. If you […]

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The Pros and Cons of Opting for Timber Veneer Kitchen Cabinets

16 December 2021

Timber veneer kitchen cabinets are in use in many kitchen interiors today. They have maintained popular demand for several years due to their efficiency, attractive appearance and cost-efficiency. These cabinets are also relatively lightweight and easier to install than heavier solid wood, aluminium or stainless steel models. Timber veneer also offers a more pleasing natural […]

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Knebel Kitchen Manufacturer Warranties: Inclusions and Benefits in Hiring a Reliable Contractor

03 December 2021

To ensure that you have a long-lasting and heavy-duty kitchen, you have to consider hiring a reliable contractor. Look no further as Knebel grants you this advantage. Knebel has always been popular to deliver a high-quality kitchen based on its custom design. What makes Knebel unique is the service you receive from the first meeting […]

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Check Out These Innovative and Space-Saving Staircase Storage Ideas from Knebel

19 November 2021

While redesigning your home, there are a few spaces you may skirt, not understanding their secret potential. The first spot on that list is these staircase storage ideas that will provide you with the endowment of space. You probably won’t understand how significant extraordinary staircase ideas can be until you see some smart uses and […]

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The Role of Dowelling to Ensure Maximum Durability and Strength for Your Cabinets

05 November 2021

The dowel joint is not difficult to make and offers a great deal of adaptability. Whether made post-retail or concentrated on another technique, the dowel joint could bear up to a beating. There are two different techniques for strong wood joinery: the roll joint is utilised for its simplicity of machining, and morĀ­tise and joint […]

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