Timber Kitchen Diffuses the Warmth of Nature inside Your Kitchen

11 October 2019

“Timeless timber” is a familiar phrase that we always hear whenever timber is mentioned. True enough, timber is considered as a durable and strong material when used for various purposes. Kitchen timber finishes and the use of real durable timber always provides a warm and earthy feel that gives the full ambiance of comfort and […]

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Tips on Kitchen Design: How to Pair Countertop Colours with Dark Cabinets

20 September 2019

When choosing furnishings for their new home kitchens or when renovating their existing kitchens, many homeowners select the style and colour of their cabinets before anything else. Your kitchen cabinetry is a primary item of the room’s decor and often the first feature noticed when friends or family members enter your new kitchen for the […]

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Reasons Why Melamine Kitchen Finish is a Practical Choice

09 September 2019

Melamine is in popular use today for kitchen finishes of various types. It is frequently used to produce attractive and practical cabinets, cupboards and drawers. Melamine has a central core composed of compressed particles of wood. This core is coated with a paper and resin finish, which can be used in the production of kitchen […]

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Timber Veneer Finish in Kitchen Design: What are the Benefits?

19 August 2019

Use of timber veneer in your kitchen design can supply the general look of natural timber along with the benefit of preventing the visual colouration and grain variations that natural woods display. As a popular surfacing material, timber veneer is decorative and distinctive since each veneer is unique. This material is available in a large […]

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Different Hand-Painted Kitchen Finishes You Can Choose From: Contact Knebel Kitchens

06 August 2019

Kitchen finishes have always required smooth, efficient yet stylish and appealing appearances with a pleasing mix of fashion and practicality. After all, in the majority of busy homes today, the kitchen is the most active gathering place for all members of the household, plus neighbors and friends. There are some natural and familiar surface finishes […]

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