Wardrobe Design Tips for Sports Enthusiasts

22 January 2020

Storage planning is much more complicated for sports enthusiasts since their gears and items are often bulky and large. More often than not, these items eat up all the space in their wardrobe, especially when it is commonly left unorganised. Luckily, there are some wardrobe design tips for sports enthusiasts so that they will no […]

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Kitchen Trends in 2020 that Will Inspire You

10 January 2020

Innovations in kitchen designs are quite popular especially at this time of the year. Many people are marking the beginning of the calendar year as a fresh start. As a result, more and more homeowners are designing several features of their home based on the most up-to-date trends. Below are kitchen trends in 2020 that […]

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Reasons Why You Should Choose a Hand-Painted Finish for Your Kitchen Design

13 December 2019

A kitchen with a hand-painted finish design has cabinets and door fronts primed and of course – hand-painted based on the homeowner’s preference. They have styles ranging from traditional, cottage, weathered or sleek and contemporary. They can also be made from bare, lacquered or waxed wood, foil wrapped laminate, melamine or acrylic. Hand-painted kitchens are […]

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Add Elegance and Style to your Bathroom with Modern Vanities and Joinery

10 December 2019

Elegance and style are two words you never would have expected to use in describing a bathroom. They are reserved for the facets of a home that are put on display, like for instance – the living room, patio or kitchen. Times are indeed changing and so are the features of the modern house. Apparently, […]

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White and Open Kitchen Designs: Reasons that Make it a Good Choice

21 November 2019

Deciding which design to choose for your kitchen has proven to be more challenging now than ever. The variety of colours and styles has long been part of the struggle in styling the interiors. But now, the merging of these designs into a whole new style had encouraged people to wish there was a more […]

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