Melamine Kitchen Finish: Why is it a Cost-Effective Choice?

02 May 2019

Melamine is manufactured with a compressed wood particle core that is coated with a resin and paper finish in many different colours and designs. It is a popular and long-lasting choice for use in home kitchen and bath decor today. A melamine kitchen finish is a durable choice that will resist damage from excessive heat, […]

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Customised Entertainment Room Joinery Ideas: Style and Technology Combined

18 April 2019

With the wide variety of entertainment room designs and setups available today, homeowners can easily work with expert designers and builders to achieve their ideal joinery styles. These joinery designs must accommodate the latest in digital technology capabilities while meeting all necessary audio-visual requirements. Although most current digital equipment is smaller and more compact that […]

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What is a Transitional Kitchen Design?

08 April 2019

A transitional kitchen design has any combination of styles that you want it to have. Moving away from traditional and popular types of kitchen design and decor, a transitional interior for your kitchen may include a creative mix of older, new and unusual elements. It can be great fun to plan this wide-ranging mode of […]

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Kitchen Cabinet Colours that Match Well with Dark Natural Stone Benchtops and Splashbacks

25 March 2019

Dark natural stone benchtops and splashbacks are in high demand for kitchen decor in both home and commercial settings this season. Especially with the growing popularity of streamlined black kitchen appliances after several seasons that featured only stainless steel ranges, refrigerators, dishwashers and smaller culinary equipment, dark kitchen decor elements are now in vogue. When […]

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Kitchen Renovations in Sydney and Blacktown: Why Fixed Price Contract is Beneficial?

11 March 2019

Fixed price contracts (or bids) are the most frequently used type of contract for home renovations throughout the Sydney and Blacktown areas of Australia today. When a homeowner and building contractor sign a fixed contract agreement for kitchen renovations in these areas, the builder agrees to perform the necessary renovations for a fixed cost. It […]

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