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Check Knebel’s Care and Maintenance Guide to an Efficient and Productive Kitchen for Your Home (Part 3)

Blog | April 13th, 2021

In the previous articles, we talked about the care and maintenance of cabinet fronts, benchtops, shelves, cutting boards, and kitchen accessories. In this last part, we will tackle appliances, hinges, and drawer units.


For the care and use of all appliances supplied, we recommend that you thoroughly read the Service Books supplied with the equipment. Any enquiries regarding the use of appliances should be directed to the manufacturer of such appliances. Should you require servicing of your appliance during or after the warranty period please contact your relevant appliance manufacturer


The all‐metal hinges used are of the highest standard in design and construction. If adjustment after installation and final inspection (or later, due to wear and tear) is necessary, follow the instructions referring to the diagram on Hinge Adjustment. Hinge adjustment after final inspection is the responsibility of the purchaser. For a smooth operation of all hinges it is recommended that one or two drops of light machine oil be put on all pivoting points once a year.

Side Adjustment: Tighten or loosen adjusting screw to adjust the distance between doors.

Depth Adjustment: Loosen screw, reposition distance between carcase and door, and then retighten screw.

Height Adjustment: Loosen screw on all hinges before repositioning height of door, and then tighten screw.

For Hinge Door Removal: Whilst holding door, pull lever toward you ‐ repeat for all hinges.

To Refit Hinge Door: Hook part of hinge onto hinge base plate, then press hinge to snap into place.

Drawer Units

Your drawers are made of the highest quality materials and as such do not need any special maintenance. The drawer fronts have been adjusted on installation and should not need any further adjustment, however, if for any reason adjustment is necessary, follow the instructions on the diagram below.

Height Adjustment: Loosen screw 2 slightly. Adjust eccentric screw 1, adjustment range 2mm. Retighten screw 2.

Side Adjustment: Loosen screw 2 slightly. Move front into required position, adjustment range 1.5mm. Retighten screw. Maintenance of other moving parts such as drawer runners is not necessary, however, runners should be kept free of dirt for continual smooth operation.

Knebel Pty. Ltd. guarantees that the product it manufactured and supplied to the Purchaser will be free from material and manufacturing defects for the nominated warranty period of the kitchen that is owned by the purchaser.

All repairs, replacements or defects claimed under this guarantee are subject to the client, within 30 days of discovery of the defect, notifying Knebel (or its Agent/Distributor) of the said defect. All such defects are subject to inspection by Knebel to determine cause for claim. Such inspections shall not be deemed in any way an admission of liability of Knebel.

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