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Check Out These Innovative and Space-Saving Staircase Storage Ideas from Knebel

Blog | November 19th, 2021

While redesigning your home, there are a few spaces you may skirt, not understanding their secret potential. The first spot on that list is these staircase storage ideas that will provide you with the endowment of space. You probably won’t understand how significant extraordinary staircase ideas can be until you see some smart uses and understand their latent capacity. For example, in case you’re missing space in your kitchen to store your jars and durable food things, you can undoubtedly transform the room under the steps into a space fit for all your storeroom association ideas. Or then again, you can introduce a den for your children as a team idea in this rundown.

You’ll be amazed you never thought about every one of the conceivable outcomes this your staircase has to bring to the table rather than simply occupying space. There are likewise a couple of inventive DIY shelf ideas that look excellent as well as are utilitarian. You could likewise utilise these racks to store children’s toys or just gladly show a portion of your collectibles. There are even a few ideas for the furriest individual from your family with a DIY doghouse and a large pet hotel. These little space improving ideas are by and large what you wanted to accomplish the greatest under the step storage space.

Vintage Cabinet

Fold a lovely bureau under your steps for a storage choice that is deliberate and flawless. A region carpet and comfortable easy chair can make a space you can relax in also.

Kitchen Pantry

Change your staircase space into a curious storeroom, ideal for putting away the entirety of your dry products, baking fixings, and more behind a sliding stable entryway.


No assigned workspace in your home? Don’t sweat it. Transform the unused space under the steps into a comfortable workspace.

Secret Playroom

Make a secret recess in a den by transforming the space under the steps into a secret space for your children. Transform a wardrobe under the steps into an imaginative chance by decking it out with a custom wall painting, or even blackboard paint for some flexible craftsmanship.

Doghouse and Playhouse

Give your cherished pet a comfortable spot to spend time with this adorable thought. Change a cellar corner into a creative spot for youngsters to play. Keep your pets in a difficult situation when they’re at home alone with this slick space planned only for them.

Shelves or Library

Feature your assortment of books, trinkets, or collectibles with this keen storage arrangement. Ideal for book lovers, you’ll feel pleased each time you stroll by and see the racks loaded up with your cherished peruses.


Regardless of whether you have found space under the steps, there are still a few ideas here you can apply to your storeroom. On the off chance that your kitchen cupboards don’t offer adequate space for your cookware and food storage needs, then, at that point, think about this creative thought.

Wine Cellar

While numerous mortgage holders shell out a huge load of cash to introduce a costly storm cellar wine basement, you can avoid the problem (and significant expense) with this smart hack.

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