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Choosing Hand-painted Finish over Spray Painted Kitchen: What Difference Does it Make?

Blog | March 6th, 2020

Hand-painted kitchens are a great way to update your kitchen finish to get the look you want. If done by expert craftsmen, an updated kitchen can certainly increase the value of your home and give you a kitchen you love. The main differences between hand painted or sprayed kitchen are the time it takes and the finished look. A spray painted kitchen refers to kitchen cabinets and doors that have been spray- painted in a factory with a spray paint gun. Cabinets and door fronts are sprayed in even layers and create an even finish. A spray painted kitchen can be installed three to four days sooner than a hand-painted kitchen.

Spray painting is a good option for a contemporary look. However, a spray painted kitchen finish can look flat in traditional or cottage style interiors. When a spray painted kitchen surface scratches or chips, it has to be resprayed in the factory or workshop. A hand-painted kitchen refers to kitchen doors and cabinets that were painted with a paintbrush or roller onsite or in a workshop. Brushes are used for smaller nooks and larger surfaces are painted with a paint-roller. The process takes longer than spray painting. However, the finish can be customised to suit any interior style. When the hand painted cabinets or door fronts are damaged, they can quickly be touched up with a bit of paint.

Recently, many are choosing hand-painted finishes over spray painted ones. Below are some of the differences that would encourage you to do the same.

Hand Painted Finishes are Budget-friendly

A hand-painted kitchen is an affordable alternative to replacing or remodelling. Paint can completely transform a kitchen at a fraction of a remodel’s cost and increase property value.

Hand Painted Finishes are Customisable

Paint is a versatile medium that can be manipulated to suit any style. You can have any hand-painted kitchen, from whitewashed solid wood to minimalist flat-front kitchens.

Hand Painted Finishes Can Work on Most Surfaces

The correct primer will ensure that the paint binds with the kitchen cabinets’ and doors’ surfaces.

Hand Painted Finishes are Easy to Replace

You can easily refresh the look of your hand-painted kitchen with a different paint finish, colour or style.

Hand Painted Finishes Can Paint Over Cabinets and Door Fronts

If your kitchen is in a good condition you can paint over the existing cabinets and door fronts.

Hand Painted Finishes are Low Maintenance

Scuff marks and scratches can quickly be patched up with paint at home.

Hand Painted Finishes are Easy

If you follow the correct paint procedure, you can create a professional looking hand-painted kitchen. Just remember that this DIY endeavour is very time-consuming.

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