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Combining Joinery Style with Natural Stone: A Meticulous Art Done Only By Experts

Blog | September 13th, 2018

Selecting the ideal joinery style to combine with natural stone is truly a meticulous and accomplished art of experts. The specific design of your cabinetry and the fine timbre, attractive laminate or smooth melamine you choose to use to complement and enhance the beauty of a natural stone benchtop, counter or adjoining wall panel can do wonders to add beauty and appeal to your kitchen, bar area or bathroom decor.

When you choose custom designers to create and install your interior decor elements using your choices from among their wide array of materials, colours and finishes, your design experts will fashion and finalize a luxurious yet practical room with ultimate chic ambiance. They will use outstanding materials for a look of sheer elegance and heights of practical functionality to simplify your busy home life.

Fresh Concepts and Designs for Combining Updated Joinery Styles with Lustrous Natural Stone

Innovative concepts and stylish designs for combining unique joinery decor with the beauty and luster of natural stone are currently in vogue and demand for home interiors. The following combinations are currently high on interior designer lists of the most popular decor requests:

• Tranquil Sophistication.
– This mode of room decor combining joinery designs with natural stone tends toward modern, open concept styles, but can also include elements of more traditional or artistic style variations like Early American or Art Deco. Often, the streamlined, linear joinery designs with squared or evenly contoured corners seem to emphasize modern minimalist forms, sometimes incorporating more rustic effects of Early American, hand-carved furniture. This sleek, slim-lined cabinetry in auburn-edged Jarrah or the handsome deep cocoa tones of Tasmanian Oak displays the ultimate pure beauty of nature. The wood grains naturally accent and embellish the elegant patterns of light rose-sand marble or lend elegant contrast when paired with pristine, sparkling quartz.

• Creative Contemporary.
– Today, contemporary and retro decor designs are often combined for unique and appealing effects. Vinyl wall panels, melamine or laminate finish cabinetry or timbre veneer joinery are often combined with richly patterned marble or granite for a complex yet dynamic mix of materials and surfaces. This diverse stylistic mode of interior design may include elements of the clean-cut 1950’s, laid-back 60’s, quirky 70’s and dance-party 80’s, and up-to-date sleek minimalism, mixing bold colours, contrasting nubby textures and high-gloss to heavy matt finishes to create an active, leisure-style appearance and ambiance.

• Avant Garde.
– This strident, “out-front” interior design mode often uses smooth, non-porous surfaces like stainless steel to mirror the bold, definite lines and sleek glow of opaque black marble or charcoal-gray granite. Slate or concrete tiles are also frequently included in this type of decor to cover wall and floor surfaces. Small size glass, ceramic or porcelain tiles may also be used for kitchen backsplash or bathroom wall tiles surrounding a retro 50’s or 60’s glamour girl vanity with a laminate or black-and-pearl swirl marble countertop. The vanity and matching wall cabinets often feature geometric shapes or simplistic decorative accents.

When you contact our outstanding experts at Knebel Kitchens with our head office and showroom in Ingleburn, NSW, you will receive top caliber advice, designs, craftsmanship and installation of innovative joinery styles paired with the beauty and luster of stunning natural stone. The creative ability and knowledge to successfully combine currently popular decor styles focused on these two major design elements in varied combinations of pure, natural and manufactured materials is truly an art accomplished only by true experts like our top-tier creative masters and artisans.

Consult our unequaled team of design, building and renovations experts today for the very best interior designs with use of the ultimate in fashionable joinery and elegant natural stone.

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