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Coming Soon Luxury Kitchens on Display by Knebel Kitchens

Blog | February 24th, 2022

Your home property will never be complete without a kitchen area. After all, your kitchen is the only place where you or others can produce delicious meals for the whole family.

But before using a kitchen, it must be created first by a reputable designer. Most of the time, homeowners would have to pick specific design elements just to make their properties unique. The same thing happens when designing a kitchen. Some of you might pick elements that could generate a traditional kitchen, while others would go for things that can make their kitchen luxurious.

Opting for the latter may require high-quality materials and well-crafted design elements for the cabinets, countertops, and other fixtures. A luxury kitchen may likewise integrate strategically positioned lighting, smart devices, and other features of a classy interior design.

Knebel Kitchens’ Luxury Kitchens

Now, if you want to know what a luxury kitchen looks like, then you may want to visit our new luxury kitchen showroom.

We, at Knebel Kitchens, are best known for generating showrooms that best exhibit our capability and expertise in generating the most appealing kitchen designs out there. Hence, we have come up with a new showroom that features various luxury kitchen designs best suitable for homeowners who want to acquire classy and extravagant design elements and language.

From natural stone to exotic veneers, our new showroom at 271 Princes Highway St. Peters features over 14 luxury kitchens that can surely match your taste. Some of our designs even feature an alfresco setup, which is a configuration that has been popularised due to the changes in the new normal.

So, once you get there, you can easily spend the day browsing and choosing the best kitchen design for your home. You may even ask questions while having a coffee with our beloved Nick, John, or Carlo.

Teaming Up with Knebel Kitchens

So, why should you team up with us?

You see, we at Knebel Kitchens have been known for delivering a high-quality kitchen based on one’s desire for over 50 years. Throughout these years, we have essentially served many clients, considered all their needs, and offered them products that best represent the latest trends in colour, functionality, and technology. We can even provide enhancements to bathrooms, wardrobes, or entertainment units, ensuring that every part of home properties will be consistently beautiful and valuable.

Choosing us as your home renovator or builder can make your kitchen be in safe hands as we have already produced over 45,000 cost-effective and timeless kitchen designs in Sydney.

One thing that truly sets us apart above all competitors is that we are a one-stop shop, which means we do not rely on third parties for generating kitchen-related elements. We all test, manufacture, and produce in-house design and drafting, detailed joinery and custom-made cabinets, stone benchtop fabrication, and glass splashback solutions.

To know more about us, you can call us at Knebel Kitchens. You can likewise visit our luxury kitchen showroom at St. Peters very soon.

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