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Custom Joinery: How to Design a Kitchen Pantry for Maximum Storage Efficiency

Blog | May 20th, 2019

Expert kitchen designers, builders, and renovators have the knowledge and experience to design a kitchen pantry in the ideal way to provide maximum storage efficiency. They understand the dynamics of effective use of space in designing storage areas and units for room interiors. They also realise that space-saving techniques and methods are essential in kitchen storage areas since most kitchen pantries today are not overly spacious.

Interior designs for kitchen pantries that use every available inch of space wisely can actually transform a formerly cramped pantry with crowded, disorganised shelves overflowing with kitchen cooking vessels, portable appliances, utensils and foods into a tidy, attractive storage area with high degrees of usability.

How Custom Joinery Designs Can Give Kitchen Pantries Maximum Storage Efficiency

Skillfully designed custom joinery can give kitchen pantries maximum storage space and efficiency using such features as the following:

• Tall Upper Cabinets. – By designing tall upper cabinets that stretch up to the ceiling of your pantry, your kitchen remodelling team can give you additional storage space for large or irregularly shaped items like small kitchen appliances, large roasting pans and other cooking vessels and equipment. Since many of these items require extra space, but are not heavy, they can be removed from and returned to their places in these upper cabinets with use of a tall “library style” ladder that operates safely on a track for reaching all shelving in your tall cabinets.

• Adjustable Shelving. – When they install pantry shelving that can be adjusted easily to allow space for accommodating ever-changing storage needs for your kitchen area, your home design team and joinery experts will be increasing the use and value of your pantry. As you purchase and store different foods, condiments, spices, cleaning agents, and other items needed for meal preparation and keeping your kitchen clean and tidy, you can change the height of your pantry shelves to allow more space for storing these items.

• Sliding Doors. – By designing and installing sliding doors for your pantry cabinets, cupboards and shelving, your kitchen and pantry renovators will save precious space that was once needed for opening and closing swinging hinged doors. If your kitchen design experts also install cavity sliding doors at the entrance or entrances to your pantry, they will save as much as eight percent of room and floor space that is essentially unusable with use of hinged doors.

By consulting the kitchen design and custom joinery experts of Knebel Kitchens with head office and showroom located in Ingleburn, NSW, you will receive top-quality advice, custom joinery and kitchen renovations designs as well as the optimal caliber craftsmanship for superior kitchen pantry updating. Our highly skilled and experienced team of designers and builders will create the ideal designs to make your new custom pantry the ultimate kitchen storage interior of your dreams.

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