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Custom Joinery: Modern Wall Entertainment Units for Your Home

Blog | June 8th, 2018

Customised modern entertainment units that are wall mounted are practical and functional as space-savers in your home’s leisure time and recreation room. Whether your favorite pastime for relaxation and enjoyment during those rare and treasured “free hours” on weekends or holidays is watching movies, playing computer games or sharing casual food and drink with family and friends, a stylish and appealing modern wall entertainment unit will enhance your enjoyment.

The real advantage of choosing a custom-designed wall unit for your new entertainment center is that you can have it designed to suit your every preference, need and whim.

Modern Wall Entertainment Unit Designs for Your Home Enjoyment 

Innovative and attractive contemporary designs for wall entertainment units that are also functional and convenient for your use and enjoyment include the following:

• Floating Media Cabinets. – These sleek, attractive wall entertainment units are multi-level shelves and/or horizontal cabinets that stretch conveniently along one wall of your leisure or recreation room. Firmly mounted and securely braced for safety, these floating media units can be customised to best satisfy your preferences and desires for the ideal entertainment center. Many homeowners mount their wide screen TVs on the wall above this unit, unless the unit includes a module specifically designed for your big screen.

The lowest shelf may double as a counter for serving refreshments or storing our most used DVDs and books or gaming materials.The upper shelving may be enclosed with hand-crafted timbre or glass doors, according to your request. The interior unit walls of these floating cabinet designs are often adjustable to best meet you spatial requirements.

• Wall Mounted Media Modules with Doors. – Well organised for convenient storage of all your reading or study materials, DVS, CDs, laptops, tablets and extra cell phones, headphones and more, these appealing wall modules are streamlined and fashionable. As items of decor, they add the beauty of natural timbre grains, handsome polished laminate finishes or shiny chrome and painted aluminium construction.

Some of these modern wall-mounted media modules have doors to enclose all individual shelving and cabinets, as needed. These frontal doors may swing or slide open to reveal their contents, and many have one-touch open and close features. Many of these designs include sturdy top-positioned brackets and braces for mounting your large television screen. Many also include small, pull-out table-desks just large enough to accommodate your desktop computer.

• Open Wall Entertainment and Desk Units. – These entertainment units have open fronts and include a regular sized, spacious writing area and computer desk for convenient use. Upper shelving and cupboards are designed with plenty of space for your DVD collection, CDs, portable audio and video equipment and all your small digital devices plus accessories. Since these are open-front units, both interiors and exteriors are generally attractively finished hardwoods or colourful laminates with chrome hardware.

The main convenience offered by these open front designs is the easy and immediate visibility of all that is stored within the walls of your wall-mounted entertainment unit and each of its divisions. Having the option of a conveniently placed computer desk in your entertaining and leisure room at home can also be a helpful feature.

When you contact our custom joinery experts at Knebel Kitchens with its head office and showroom located in Ingleburn, NSW, you will benefit from excellent advice, custom designs and top quality installation services for your new wall entertainment unit.

Your home will acquire a chic and practical new item of contemporary decor for your leisure and recreation room that will enhance the room’s entire layout and ambiance. This new item of decor will bring added fashion and flair to the room in your home most treasured as a welcome retreat for the relaxed, leisurely pursuits of everyone in your household.

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