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Custom Kitchen Cabinets: Basic Guide for Functionality and Style

Blog | February 25th, 2021

New kitchen cabinets for your recently built or renovated home should completely satisfy your stylistic and functional preferences and needs. If you are moving to a new home that needs some kitchen updates, first on your list is most likely new cabinetry. In large, open-plan kitchen interiors, you can add plenty of handcrafted wall-mounted cabinets. These can be complemented by similar cupboards and cabinetry beneath a sleek new natural stone benchtop.

If your charming, older and more traditional home has a galley-style or irregular shaped kitchen, you may need a variety of cabinet designs. A mixture of beautifully grained natural timber wall cabinets, freestanding cupboards and conveniently placed cubbies may be best. Our experts can handcraft the perfect cabinetry designs with high degrees of fashion and functionality to completely update and enhance your cooking experience.

Our professional team at Knebel offers comprehensive carpentry and joinery designs throughout Blacktown, Ingleburn and Sydney areas. We can provide you with expert advice, designs and installation services for superior new cabinetry with ultimate style and maximum practicality.

Custom Kitchen Cabinetry with Basic Functionality and Unique Style

You can start your kitchen furnishing or updating project by deciding on your favourite cabinet style. Once you determine your stylistic preference, it is easier to choose the types and sizes of necessary storage units.

Choosing Your Cabinet Style

You can select a stunning basic cabinet design from leading style choices like the following:

• Contemporary Chic. This sleek, minimalist mode of design features streamlined edges and slender forms. Sophisticated wall-mounted handcrafted cabinets in vibrant red oak or elegant Victorian ash can add stunning beauty to your kitchen decor. Slim stainless-steel hardware and clear glass insets for cabinet doors can lend clean-lined, pleasing accents. Matching cabinetry below a smooth stone benchtop emphasizes the ultra-modern look.

• Classic Traditional. Traditional styles from the classic era display simple or elaborate wainscoting on cabinet doors and borders. In older kitchens, this traditional woodworking may mirror wainscoting on the lower sections of nearby walls. Hardwood cabinetry has either lightly polished or painted surfaces in neutral colours. Freestanding cupboards and under-counter cabinets typically feature matching decorative wood-crafting.

• Vintage Rustic. Rustic cabinet and cupboard finishes in attractive vintage styles bring the essence of rugged natural beauty into your kitchen. Jarrah and oak woods are attractive choices for crafting cabinets in rustic designs. These simple, basic cabinet shapes are good foundations for displaying the strong yet elegant hues and grains of the rough-hewn timber. Cabinet surfaces can be left a bit rough for added character while corners and edges are smooth and precise.

• Country Cottage. This casual and comfortable yet colourful and charming style can create a delightful kitchen interior. Medium to light tones in the cabinet wood of your choice are favourable for the warm, cosy atmosphere that this style features and accents. Lightly polished cabinetry surfaces enhanced by flowering plants in hanging and floor-placed basketry are ideal for decorative elements in this inviting cottage decor. Simple iron or brass cabinet hardware lends more country style.

• Mediterranean. This charming style of interior decor features lovely light woods with natural finishes. Their earthy hues and subtle variations of tone are ideal for accenting with vine, fruit or flower-themed wall and floor tiles. Tall wall-mounted timber cabinets often stretch upward to the ceiling. The style of this stunning cabinetry is typically repeated for smaller wide cupboards beneath a marble-topped kitchen island. Wall cabinets may have tinted or smoked glass insets, and wrought-iron hardware is often selected for their doors.

Selecting Your Storage Unit Styles

Custom cabinet designs may include a variety of storage unit types and styles according to your needs. These units can include plate holders and knife racks, drawers, sliding bins and baskets and wall-mounted swing-out cabinets. You may also have a need for pull-out shelving and door-mounted shelves as valuable space savers. Customised cabinetry can also be included for storing wine, spices, crystal or silver service.

Our expert, experienced cabinet designers and wood-crafting team can create your ideal cabinetry with optimal fashion and functionality. They can plan, build and install stunning new customised joinery that completely satisfies and even surpasses all of your kitchen decor desires and needs.


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