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Custom Made Staircases for Your Home: Why Have It?

Blog | May 31st, 2018

One or more custom designed and built staircases in your home can become focal points of artistic beauty and allure. If you choose natural timber as your construction material for your staircase building project, the lovely wood grains, textures and hues will bring outstanding natural qualities into the interiors of your home. If you decide on a more contemporary steel and glass stairway construction, you will enjoy the sleek, streamlined elegance of a pleasing, minimalist design.

When you and your top quality home builders and renovators start discussing the custom made staircases that you have wanted for so long in your home, there will be many design options available. Whether your preference is beautiful natural timber stairs or an ultra-modern design in glass and steel, your expert design and building team can create your ideal staircase style.

You may even decide to add two new stairways—one near the front entrance of your home and one in the back, leading upstairs from the den or game room. Whatever your envisioned staircase may require, your professional home renovators will make your dream come true.

Reasons for Constructing Custom Made Staircases in Your Home

There are some good reasons for choosing to build customised staircases in your home, including the following:

• Convenience.
– With two new staircases in your home, one in the front and one in the back part of your house, you and all your household members can reach any area of your home quickly and easily. If you have a three or four-floor house, you will have easy access to all floors from wherever you are at any given time.

• Aesthetic Value. –
The beauty and aesthetic value of your home will improve significantly with the design and installation of two stunning stairways. When these staircases are custom made, they will exhibit your design preferences and your favorite building materials. Especially if you select creative stairway designs in elegant Victorian Ash, Tasmanian Oak, Grey Ironbark or Spotted Gum, the natural purity and beauty of the hardwood combined with a unique, captivating design will greatly enhance the overall aesthetic qualities of your home’s interior decor.

• Market Value.
– Constructing two custom-designed staircases in your residence will definitely increase your home’s market value. Whether you choose an elegant hardwood stairway or an ultra-modern glass and steel construction, your new stairs between floors will raise the current monetary value of your home considerably.

By contacting the home building and renovating experts at Knebel Kitchens in Prospect, NSW, you can obtain professional information and guidance about building handsome new staircases in your home. With the advice and expertise of this fine team, you will soon enjoy the many benefits of the stairway designs of your dreams.


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