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Customised Entertainment Room Joinery Ideas: Style and Technology Combined

Blog | April 18th, 2019

With the wide variety of entertainment room designs and setups available today, homeowners can easily work with expert designers and builders to achieve their ideal joinery styles. These joinery designs must accommodate the latest in digital technology capabilities while meeting all necessary audio-visual requirements. Although most current digital equipment is smaller and more compact that models that were in popular use a few years back, adequate storage and usage space must be included in the room’s interior design for all needed and preferred components. Of course, large-screen viewing is the norm today, so one wall of the room must be designated for installation placement of the screen.


Customised Joinery for Your Entertainment Room Style and Technology


Whether your joinery design and decor preferences tend toward cool, sleek contemporary styles, rustic natural timbre designs or minimalist industrial modes, they must be skillfully used to focus on a pleasing style that accommodates necessary technology. These styles involve the following ideas:


  • Stylish Contemporary Joinery. – Sleek, chic contemporary joinery styles for your entertainment room will offer excellent use of space with streamlined enameled aluminium or stainless steel consoles and cabinetry. These spacious and attractive storage areas will house all of your digital, computer and audio-visual equipment and accessories needed for enjoying today’s latest movies, videos and audio recordings. This type of joinery is sturdy, appealing and easy to maintain. It can be customised to meet your exact specifications for spatial measurements, storage needs, and desirable placement to enhance the room’s use and decor. Cabinet and console fronts can be convenient cavity sliding doors or handsome brass hinged doors with sparkling or frosted glass pane insets.


  • Rustic Timbre Joinery. – If you like the rustic look, you may choose a rustic timbre joinery design in Victorian Ash or Jarrah to lend natural style and colour to your entertainment room decor. The light, uplifting tones of the ash wood will softly brighten the interior in any type of lighting while the deep, vibrant reds of the Jarrah will add depth and character to your room. Both hardwoods are very durable and easy to maintain, lasting for long-term use and enjoyment. Pairing modern digital audio-visual equipment and accessories with the warm tones and grains of natural timbre actually produces a highly appealing interior design mode. Many people feel more relaxed and accepted in a room that includes decor elements of lustrous natural timbre.


  • Industrial Style Joinery. – When you select cool, minimalist industrial style joinery for your home entertainment room, its streamlined appearance, and basic appointments will produce a clear look and sensibility of simplicity and spaciousness. In addition, this type of decor will remain in the background while you and your entire household, neighbors or guests view your favorite movies and videos or listen and party to your choice of music. Whether you choose painted aluminium cabinetry or floor-to-ceiling stainless steel consoles for your audio-visual equipment matched by simple molded metal seating with gray or black back and seat cushions, your room’s interior will have a crisp, cool and sophisticated appearance and atmosphere.


By contacting our expert customised joinery designers, manufacturers and installers at Knebel Kitchens with head office and showroom in Ingleburn, NSW, you will receive top quality advice, designs, joinery, and full installing services. Our experienced professionals will assist you in creating the ideal home entertainment room environment to provide audio-visual enjoyment for one and all for today and well into the future.

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