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Different Hand-Painted Kitchen Finishes You Can Choose From: Contact Knebel Kitchens

Blog | August 6th, 2019

Kitchen finishes have always required smooth, efficient yet stylish and appealing appearances with a pleasing mix of fashion and practicality. After all, in the majority of busy homes today, the kitchen is the most active gathering place for all members of the household, plus neighbors and friends. There are some natural and familiar surface finishes for counter tops, furniture, bar tops, cabinetry, and tables that are generally accepted as typical finishes for kitchen furnishings and accessories.

For example, the pure luster of natural timber creates a warm, inviting and beautiful finish all its own. Since every piece of wood included has unique hues, grains and textures, timber is considered the purest of natural finish types. Timber veneer offers the look of timber with uniform colour and grain variations for style consistency. Provencal kitchen finishes are limitless; they center around the natural surface qualities of French country styles and replicas of natural materials. These decorative hand-painted finishes for kitchen furnishings and decor include surfaces of corbels, flutes, plate racks and wrought iron hooks and handles.

These finishes are often combined with handsome marble or granite benchtops. High-gloss melamine is a UV cured surface with a high sheen that is applied to decorative board. It is very effective in brightening a kitchen interior and easy to clean, but it is factory-finished and does not leave possibilities for hand-painting and experimentation.

Hand-Painted Styles in Kitchen Finishes that Homeowners Can Select for Kitchen Finishes Today

There are several very popular kitchen finishes in use today with many choices of preset painted surfaces that appear to be freshly hand-painted, including the following:

• Melamine Finish. Melamine kitchen cabinet doors and drawers are available in a wide array of colour, pattern and texture choices. They offer square-edge door designs with the option for 0.7 mm. or 2 mm. edging in matching or contrasting hues. These finishes are very durable and will last for long-term use. Melamine kitchen finishes are a cost-efficient option, and they are currently on the market in some choices of semi-gloss shades.

• Polyurethane Finish. – This is one of the most frequently requested modern finishes for kitchen furnishings and decor today. There is virtually no limit to the variety of colours being offered today, and both satin and gloss finishes are readily available for elegant, durable surface appearances. These finishes also please with their artful, painterly appearance.

• Vinyl (Vacuum Formed) Finish. –
Vinyl provides a specialised choice of kitchen surface finishes. Stylishly contoured doors for cabinetry are now available with such attractive finishes as matte, gloss, wood grain and textured wood grain. These surfaces also have a hand-painted appearance for pleasing kitchen fashion. Sold in a large variety of colours, this finish is decorative yet strong and offers exceptional resistance to impact.

When you consult the kitchen finish experts at Knebel Kitchens with Head Office and Showroom located in Ingleburn, NSW, you will gain excellent advice, kitchen finish choices and full installation services for enhancing your new or renovated home kitchen’s interior decor. Our experienced professionals will guide you in choosing the ideal finish selections to make your new kitchen the vision of your dreams.

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