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Important Things You Need to Know About Melamine Finish Kitchens

Blog | November 8th, 2018

Melamine is used extensively for many modern design kitchen finishes today. Melamine’s core is composed of compressed wood particles that are coated with a paper and resin finish. This popular building and renovating material is frequently used to produce cabinets, counter tops and various other surfaces found in modern kitchen interiors.

This durable material is easy to clean and maintain, and its surfaces do not fade or stain when exposed to food and beverage acids and juices. Melamine is available in many different finish colours and styles and is considered a cost-effective and practical choice for use in initial kitchen building and during kitchen makeovers.

Important Aspects of Melamine Finish Kitchens That You as a Homeowner Need to Know 

There are several important aspects of melamine finish kitchens that you and all other homeowners should know about today, including the following:

• Uniform and Varied Finishes. – As a synthetic building and renovating material, melamine can be manufactured in a wide selection of finishes. It is currently available in solid colours, varied patterns and different shades and tones of faux timbre grains. This is one major reason for its popularity for use for new kitchen finishes today since you can search for and locate your favorite finish for upgrading your current kitchen or building and styling a new one.

Because it is manufactured in a controlled production environment, melamine can have consistent finishes that you can depend on, even in the same order, unlike solid natural timbre grain, which can display significant variances in colour, pattern and texture.

• Surface That Chips and May Incur Water Damage. – Although melamine’s outer layer of resin is quite durable, it can still be chipped by heavy objects that are dropped on its surfaces. This may expose the wood particle core beneath, which will mar the appearance of your kitchen and can be costly to repair.

Surprising to many homeowners is the fact that melamine is also susceptible to water damage. If a melamine counter top is damaged, letting water seep into its core, the counter top can begin to disintegrate slowly and may crack and fall apart. It is good to remember this potential problem if you are considering installing a melamine benchtop surrounding or next to your kitchen sink.

• Material is Heavy and Challenging to Install. – If you are planning to install melamine as more than a decor veneer in your kitchen, you need to be aware of its weight. For instance, if you install melamine cabinets without mounting them with use of extremely sturdy brackets, your new cabinets may fall. This could inflict serious and costly damage on other new surfaces and items of decor in your kitchen.

When installing new melamine cabinets, it is best to hire a professional installation team to complete the work for you. This is because when performing the installation yourself, unless you are experienced, you may splinter the melamine surfaces by improper use of nails or screws.

By consulting the building and renovations experts at Knebel Kitchens with its main office and showroom in Ingleburn, NSW, you will obtain top-tier advice, building materials, cabinetry and other kitchen construction necessities as well as full building and installation services. This can save you many headaches due to building mishaps and damage to materials or items of decor.

Our designers and building pros will guide you toward selecting the best products and furnishings to complete your ultimate quality new kitchen interior. Our experts will ensure that you truly do acquire the ultimate dream kitchen you have always wanted.

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