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Kitchen Cabinet Colours that Match Well with Dark Natural Stone Benchtops and Splashbacks

Blog | March 25th, 2019

Dark natural stone benchtops and splashbacks are in high demand for kitchen decor in both home and commercial settings this season. Especially with the growing popularity of streamlined black kitchen appliances after several seasons that featured only stainless steel ranges, refrigerators, dishwashers and smaller culinary equipment, dark kitchen decor elements are now in vogue. When paired with the rich deep hues of various dark natural stone designs for benchtops, splashbacks and floor tiles, these sleek black enamel-finished appliances display a vibrant, dynamic balance for your choice of the myriad colours currently available in kitchen cabinets.

Whether you select equally dark or dramatic cabinet colours like Bright Coral Reef, Deep Turquoise or Sunset Gold or decide on lighter, more subdued shades such as Seashell Pink or Sandy Beach, you can enjoy a unique kitchen interior. You can create a stunning and dramatic decor statement using either matching dark cabinet hues or fresh, bright colours that will bring many compliments from family, friends and neighbors.

More Attractive Colours for Kitchen Cabinetry that Match or Contrast Well with Benchtops and Splashbacks of Dark Natural Stone

Additional appealing colours and shades for kitchen cabinets that will match, complement or contrast pleasingly with dark, natural stone benchtops and splashbacks include the following:

• Dark and Subdued Matte-Finish Colours.
– When you choose dark, matte-finish Khaki, Smokey Gray or Deep Cornflower Blue for your painted kitchen cabinets, these colours will subtly highlight similar shades included in darkly marbled stone benchtops and splashbacks. This will give these marble and granite furnishings a more dimensional, volumetric appearance as well as more visual surface depth to the viewer. The general ambiance of your kitchen will remain subdued while these subtle touches of colour lend character and definition to the shape and design of the stone elements as well as your appliances and accessories.

• Understated Neutral Shades.
–  If you choose understated neutral shades for your kitchen cabinetry, the contrasts between these cabinets and the dark benchtop and splashback will be stark. However, you will create a dynamic visual contrast of light against dark that will enliven the room’s interior without defining it by brightness of colouration. The resulting effects of the contrasting decor elements will be similar to the dramatic opposites in hue, tonality and intensity that you observe in nature when walking in seaside surf after sunset, when darkening water meets the pristine coastal sand. You are not so impressed by colour as you are by the stunning contrast of visual dynamics at play.

• Luminous Light, Pastel Hues. –  When you select light, pastel shades for your kitchen cabinetry, their luminous, weightless quality counteracts the dark heaviness of your marble or granite benchtop and splashback. Rather than creating a startling or remarkable contrast with their deep, weighty counterparts, the light, feathery pastels of your cabinetry seem to create kindred touches of colour within the dark, smooth marble or granite surfaces, as if to accessorise and accentuate these otherwise hidden similar shades and tonalities in the complex stone coloration.

By consulting Knebel Kitchens, with head office and showroom in Ingleburn, NSW, you can obtain outstanding advice, designs and finished cabinets for your new kitchen interior decor. Our experienced experts will guide you with recommendations concerning cabinetry style, materials, construction, paint colours and surface finishes to match, complement or contrast with your dark natural stone benchtop and splashback. Our kitchen design and renovating pros will ensure that your current makeover of your home culinary preparation area is the ultimate kitchen interior design accomplishment of your dreams.

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