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Kitchen Cabinets: Differences between Melamine Finish and Vacuum Formed Vinyl Finish

Blog | June 28th, 2018

Many homeowners who have decided to install new cabinetry in their kitchens are not sure of the differences between Melamine finish and vacuum formed vinyl finish. Both have attractive appearances and are available in an appealing variety of colour, texture and finish selections. Both seem easy to clean and maintain, giving a light, modern ambiance to brighten and streamline new or updated kitchen decor.

These contemporary cabinet materials and finishes are also easier to install than some older, more traditional styles made of heavier timbre or metal. Modern kitchen cabinets with Melamine or vacuum formed vinyl finish are also often sold in modular or customised designs as well, to help make your new kitchen a truly original design.

Major Differences between Melamine Finish and Vacuum Formed Vinyl Finish Kitchen Cabinets

Primary differences between Melamine finish and vacuum formed vinyl finish kitchen cabinetry include the following:

• Melamine Finish Cabinets. – Melamine is a type of low pressure laminate covering or coating. For this reason, Melamine cabinets are often referred to as laminated cabinets. Melamine cabinets are coated with a substrate that is high moisture resistant, and the cabinet side edges are then finished with a PVC edging, often one millimeter in thickness. This edging is much more substantial and durable than the iron-on paper edging material that was previously used that could become dried and brittle, breaking off or cracking and showing rapid need of repairs.

With warm water and natural, mild cleaning agents, Melamine cabinets are easily cleaned and maintained. High gloss Melamine is achieved with application of a thick, shiny Melamine coating (1 mm. thick). Often, a tape edging of equal thickness is added in matching colour and texture. This gives the cabinet a visual effect very similar to vinyl wrap, but at a much more cost-effective rate.

• Vacuum Formed Vinyl Finish Cabinets. – Vacuum formed vinyl finish for cabinets, or vinyl wrap, is actually the most requested type of kitchen cabinetry material for today’s contemporary kitchen designs. This type of cabinetry is especially popular due to its well-sealed edges, wide range of colour choices and reasonable cost.

Vinyl wrapped cabinet tops, bottoms, sides and doors are thermoformed. They are formed with use of heat and vacuum applications. Each vinyl wrapped piece is pre-coated, and the substrate is a medium density fibreboard that is moisture resistant. All edges are tightly sealed by the vinyl wrap-around method, producing a seamless, professional appearance. These cabinets should be cleaned with a damp sponge and a natural, mild cleaning agent.

When you contact our experts at Knebel Kitchens in Ingleburn, NSW, you will benefit from top quality advice, cabinetry designs and excellent installation services. Your new kitchen interior or updated kitchen decor will have the ultimate fine modern look and appeal that you have long dreamed of to enhance all aspects of your home’s busy culinary preparation and cooking areas.

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