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Kitchen Design Trends and Style: What’s in for Year 2018?

Blog | January 18th, 2018

Some definite updates and a fresh reawakening of older trends are predicted in kitchen interior design for 2018. Along with a movement away from neutral or single-hue kitchen decor, we will see a return to use of brighter, more colourful design elements. There will also be rejuvenation of some basic style trends from the 1950s and even earlier, as the design focus shifts to single kitchen appliances and culinary accessories. While some home buyers and renovators may find the idea of such trends somewhat quaint and lacking in creative innovation, others will delight in such a strong change from the generally subdued fashion statements of kitchen design styles of the last few years.

New and Retro Style Trends in Kitchen Design Now in Vogue for 2018 Kitchens

Some fresh new kitchen design trends and the revival of older stylistic modes for updating your current culinary prep and cooking areas include the following:

  • Brightly Coloured Kitchens. – The all-white or neutral kitchen has taken a back burner position this year, as kitchen decor fashion trends favor multi-hued and even brightly coloured interiors. Deep navy, shiny black, rich chocolate and verdant green kitchens are in, as are kitchen floors, backsplash and other design features in a wide array of bold yet tasteful colours and patterns. Kitchen appliances in primary, secondary and mixed hues of the palette are popular now, and these culinary necessities often take centre stage position in the overall stylistic statement of the room and adjoining eating areas. Any free wall space is also brightly adorned with vibrant colour and texture combinations.
  • Freestanding Kitchen Appliances. – Retro-look, freestanding refrigerators, ovens and stovetops from the 1950s styles are back in high demand today. There is a definite trend away from the streamlined, classic kitchen where everything functional is carefully hidden behind sleek, tall, stylish walls of chrome or cool enameled surfaces in sedate neutral shades. Gone are the impassive stainless steel appliances. This is a year for creative diversity in colour, layout and eye-catching visual features in your new or updated kitchen decor.
  • Returning Scullery Kitchens. – The second, smaller “scullery kitchen” was once found mainly in large, wealthy homes where hired cooks, housekeepers and other house staff members prepared meals or prepped foods for cooking. Today, there is a revival in popularity of these second kitchens, well-equipped with ovens, cooktops, microwaves, fridges, freezers, toaster ovens, ice machines and coffee makers. Many homeowners today use these extra kitchens for fixing family meals while preparations for dinner parties and other social gatherings are in progress in the larger kitchens. Some people like to keep their home’s main kitchen as a spotless, ideal designer kitchen display area while the smaller, hidden culinary prep and cooking room, the scullery, is used as the regular family kitchen.

When you choose the experts at Knebel Kitchens, with the company’s Head Office and Showroom in Ingleburn, NSW, to plan the initial design or renovation of your home kitchen and food prepping areas, you can be assured of excellent results. You, your family and friends will soon be enjoying the many attractive and practical advantages of your top-tier, highly fashionable new kitchen layout, appliances, accessories and decor. With retro and colourful design features in vogue for use in kitchen interiors today, you can look forward to preparing your meals, snacks and party foods in playful, bright and sophisticated elegance.

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