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Kitchen Ideas That Will Bring Your Garden Indoors

Blog | September 29th, 2017

After you equip the kitchen with the latest features to suit your use of it, you need to enhance it further with an indoor garden. By doing this, you can place fresh ingredients, such as herbs, cherry tomatoes or other edible plants, at your fingertips. While certain ways to accomplish this may take special setups, others just require a window and windows sill. Refer to the following kitchen ideas to bring the garden indoors in an effective and a pleasurable manner.

Install a Grow Light under One of Your Upper Cabinets

With a grow light, you can cultivate plants easily right on your kitchen counter. Just install one under an upper cabinets over one section of your countertop.

Place Potted Plants on the Window Sill

Take advantage of natural light when you have a window in your kitchen and grow plants on its sill. Clip any edibles at appropriate intervals to keep your harvest coming in for months at a time.

Hang Baskets From the Ceiling Near the Window

In the event that the above idea does not work since you lack a sill at your window, hang baskets of plants from your ceiling close enough to the window to ensure they receive sufficient light. Just be certain that the baskets all have their own drainage pans attached to them.

Use a Self-Contained Hydroponics Setup

Today, there are different brands and styles of self-contained hydroponic gardening setups. They come with a grow light, reserve well for water, seed pods, plant nutrients and pumps to keep the water aerated and in some cases, flowing through the roots of the plants. These setups range in size from singular-plant to multiple plant models.

Wall Containers Are Available Today for Indoor Gardening in the Kitchen

Unique wall containers with flat backs are on the market today to install on your kitchen walls. They are an adequate size to grow different types of herbs.

Portable Greenhouses

Small greenhouses come in sizes that may fit in your kitchen when you own a large one. They look similar to a shelving unit but contain clear plastic sheeting as a cover, so to speak, that you can open or close as necessary. When you close the sheeting, it helps to hold moisture in the plants. Another take on this would be to use a cupboard as a greenhouse by adding grow lights under each shelf and replacing the solid wood door with one that has a glass front.

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