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Kitchen Trends in 2022: Elements to Consider for Your Sydney Kitchen

Blog | January 6th, 2022

There are fresh and innovative kitchen design trends for updating your Sydney kitchen in 2022. Kitchen design and decor trends do not change frequently. Many trends remain in popular use for as many as ten years. Popular kitchen styling trends change one by one until an entire design mode is replaced by another.

If you consult expert interior designers, they can advise you about which new trends are predicted to last for the longest time. You want to avoid selecting attractive stylistic components for your room update that will be outdated in a year or two.

When you choose dynamic trends that are expected to prevail over seven to ten years, you can create a fashionable home kitchen interior that will maintain its contemporary look and ambiance for several years of use and enjoyment.

Design Elements to Consider Including in Your Sydney Kitchen Update for 2022

Trends and design elements to consider including in your plans for a home kitchen update in Sydney for 2022 are the following:

  1. Minimalist Design. Expect the typical clean-cut lines of minimalist design for 2022 along with a simplistic, uncluttered layout. More technology and smart functionality will be included, and there will be an abundance of compact, smart appliances that are cordless and app-operated or voice-controlled.

Geometric forms in furnishings will offset angular, linear lines in appliance and tapware designs. Mid-century modern styles will be evident in organic shapes, and stunning, deeply grained woods will add natural beauty and warmth.

  1. Stylistic Mixing. Fresh kitchen designs for the coming year are focused on personalised elements to add unique character to the room. These elements of design and decor can be mixed to suit your specific preferences. You may decide to create a shelf display of your handmade pottery intermingled with favourite dishes, bowls and platters that you bought during a trip to the Caribbean.

Try combining bright with subdued colours, wood with metal, different types of wall tiling with stone insets and soft curves with sharp lines in your new furnishings. Experiment with adding a soft, cushioned sofa or chairs near the entrance to your living room or den from your kitchen to create an open-plan feeling.

  1. Design-Statement Island. There are various ways for your kitchen island to make a design statement. A popular kitchen innovation for 2022 is to have two separate islands rather than one larger one. In many small to mid-sized kitchens, it is much more convenient to have the two smaller islands as major design elements.

If you like, you can decide to use one island for a stylish bar while the second one serves as a food prepping station. Especially if your islands are mounted on wheels, you can move them easily around the room as you like. An additional trend for the coming year is painting the lower cabinets or cupboards of your island(s) in vibrant hues, adding bright splashes of colour to your attractive new kitchen interior.

When you contact our experts at Knebel Kitchens located in Ingleburn, NSW, and serving the entire Sydney area, you will receive top-rated advice and designs for updating your Sydney Kitchen for 2022. Our experienced team will guide you in selecting the ideal innovative design trends for the new year to greatly enhance your home kitchen interior.

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