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Knebel Kitchen Manufacturer Warranties: Inclusions and Benefits in Hiring a Reliable Contractor

Blog | December 3rd, 2021

To ensure that you have a long-lasting and heavy-duty kitchen, you have to consider hiring a reliable contractor. Look no further as Knebel grants you this advantage. Knebel has always been popular to deliver a high-quality kitchen based on its custom design. What makes Knebel unique is the service you receive from the first meeting — through to installation. At Knebel, a professional degree-qualified designer will consider all your needs and offer you products representing the latest trends in colour, technology and functionality.

Each kitchen is “designed around your living”. Our highly qualified and experienced designers are committed to providing an enhancement to your lifestyle through first understanding your unique living and family requirements and then providing a finished product that adds value to your home and your lifestyle.

Knebel is committed to minimising the interruption to your home during all stages of the kitchen installation. With our in-house stone fabrication facility, Knebel can ensure a timely installation and a quality product that you can trust.

Knebel Pty. Ltd. guarantees that the product is manufactured and supplied to the Purchaser (the Purchaser is the client nominated on this document) will be free from material and manufacturing defects for the nominated warranty period of the kitchen.

Warranty Inclusions and Benefits in Hiring Knebel Kitchen Manufacturer

All repairs, replacements or defects claimed under this Guarantee are subject to the client, within 30 days of discovery of any defects, notifying Knebel (or its Agent/Distributor) of the said defects. Such defects may be subject to inspection by Knebel to determine whether there is any cause for a claim. Such inspections shall not be deemed in any way as an admission of liability by Knebel.

A service fee will apply following inspection if the problem is not covered under the Guarantee conditions. Our Guarantee does not apply to the following: any damage caused by misuse, accidents, overexposure to heat or water and reasonable wear and tear; and all sub-trades including plumbing, electrical, tiling, etc. This work is not the responsibility of Knebel but of the subcontractor who performed the work.

Appliances and any other materials included in the kitchen, which are not manufactured by Knebel. They are covered by the relevant manufacturer’s warranty. Also, included variations to colours and textures of laminate, vinyl, veneer, timber or polyurethane finishes. This Guarantee will only be binding on Knebel after the Purchaser has fulfilled all of the obligations under the conditions of the contract.

We honour what is included under the rights of this Guarantee, the rights which consumers have under the Trade Practices Act, and the extent otherwise permitted by law. Knebel is not liable for any direct, indirect, consequential or special loss or damage of any nature suffered by the Purchaser resulting from or contributed to by the installation, performance or failure of manufactured items by the company.

The policy of Knebel is one of continuous product development and quality, and Knebel Kitchens reserves the right to add, delete or change product specifications or finishes without prior notice.

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