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Knebel Kitchens New Luxury Kitchen Showroom Opening Soon in St. Peters

Blog | March 8th, 2022

A kitchen space plays a crucial role in maintaining the value of home properties. After all, it allows occupants to cook delicious meals and offer them to other family members and visitors. It likewise provides an area for people to interact and spend quality time.

One aspect of this space that should always be considered by property owners is its general design. By considering its design, the kitchen space can boast a layout wherein appliances, furniture pieces, and other related elements are installed strategically, allowing people to move and conduct kitchen-related activities flawlessly. Safety is also enhanced with the right kitchen design and layout.

Nowadays, kitchens can be modified in a lot of ways. And if you are one of those who want to alter your kitchen space, you may want to look at our kitchen showrooms.

Notable Reputation of Knebel Kitchens

But before visiting our kitchen showrooms, you may want to know first our offerings.

For more than five decades, Knebel Kitchens have been consistent in providing excellent kitchen designs to home properties. And with these kitchen designs, we ensure that they will be unique, functional, practical, and aesthetically pleasing. What makes our services more valuable to clients is that we take care of everything. We design, manufacture, and install all elements of the kitchen. We even take pride in doing the same things to vanities, wardrobes, and custom joinery needed by home properties.

Kitchen Finishes of Knebel Kitchens

Through our 50+ years of experience in the industry of kitchen installation, we have provided various kitchen finishes that can benefit property owners. Some of our offerings are:

  • Melamine– Doors, drawers, and other kitchen elements that are made with melamine finish can easily boast different colours and patterns. They can even last for a long time due to their durability and resistance to scratches and heat. They are likewise safe for food processes.
  • Vinyl – Vinyl kitchensare one of the most picked offerings in our company, offering contoured doors with matte, gloss, gloss woodgrain, and texture woodgrain finishes. They can also resist heat, moisture, and impact, which are common in a kitchen setting.
  • Provencal– Kitchen spaces that maximise Provencal Collection designs integrate corbels, flutes, plate racks, and wrought iron handles. They likewise possess granite and marble benchtops to make everything feel more classic and timeless.
  • Timber – One more offering that we can provide to kitchen owners is timber finishing. Timber has been maximised in kitchen spaces as it can replicate the beauty and warmth of nature. Its grain structure, colour, and texture can make kitchen spaces more welcoming to occupants and visitors.

Visit Knebel Kitchens’ New Showroom

While we can easily offer these finishes in kitchen spaces, homeowners may want to personally see the alterations that they can expect on their properties. And which is why we are opening a new showroom in 271 Princes Hwy St Peters. Upon visiting the showroom, homeowners like you will be greeted with numerous kitchen models that feature our finest works in detailed joinery and custom cabinets.

With our new showroom, we can help you find the best kitchen design that suits your home.

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