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Melamine Kitchen Finish: Why is it a Cost-Effective Choice?

Blog | May 2nd, 2019

Melamine is manufactured with a compressed wood particle core that is coated with a resin and paper finish in many different colours and designs. It is a popular and long-lasting choice for use in home kitchen and bath decor today. A melamine kitchen finish is a durable choice that will resist damage from excessive heat, moisture, and stains from foods and beverages. The tough outer layer of this material will also resist surface scratching, scraping and chipping from heavy-duty, daily use.

Melamine is also compatible with many different styles of kitchen design and decor since it is produced in a wide selection of colours, patterns, and surface finishes. One very popular style is faux wood, which gives homeowners the feeling of cooking in a kitchen with natural timbre decor without the regular maintenance required for upkeep of natural wood surfaces. Melamine is also a very cost-effective material to use for kitchen finishes today.

Qualities That Make Melamine a Cost-Effective Choice for a Kitchen Finish

Melamine is a cost-effective finishing material for use in kitchen design and decor for such reasons such as the following:

• Large Variety of Finishes. – As a relatively inexpensive synthetic construction finishing material for kitchen cabinets and other surfaces, melamine can be produced in a huge variety of colours, patterns, and textures. For this reason, you can easily find your favourite kitchen finish. You can also purchase a second or third order of the same melamine finish without the cost of placing a special, customised order, or the need to wait for a new order to be manufactured for your use.

• Consistent Surfaces. – Melamine offers consistent finishes since it is produced within a carefully controlled environment, under closely regulated manufacturing conditions. Although natural timbre offers grained surfaces that may vary greatly in colour, pattern and luster within the same order, you can count on melamine to provide a uniform finish, even when you place several separate orders for the same melamine style.

• Low-Cost Veneer Material. – As a veneer, melamine is a thin, plasticised layer for use as an inexpensive finish for kitchen cabinets, countertops and other items of kitchen furnishings and interior decor. Often listed in catalogs as thermofoil, melamine is applied to kitchen surfaces with use of heat to affix its surface layer to plywood or particleboard. It is less costly than veneers made of natural wood and easier to maintain.

By contacting the building and finishing experts at Knebel Kitchens with head office and showroom located in Ingleburn, NSW, you will obtain top-tier advice concerning kitchen finishing materials and the advantages of choosing melamine finishes for your kitchen decor surface finishes. Our highly experienced professionals will assist you in selecting the ideal cost-efficient designs, colours and textures of melamine for fashionable and functional kitchen decor.

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