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Mixing Traditional with Modern Theme: Does it Work in Kitchen Designs?

Blog | February 26th, 2019

If you are in the beginning stages of designing your new kitchen interior or renovating your current kitchen, you may be considering mixing elements of a traditional and a modern theme. If you are, you will most likely include your favorite stylistic features from each theme in your final design for your kitchen interior.

This is actually an innovative interior design mode that is frequently used in today’s new kitchen designs or makeovers. Especially since in modern design, natural timbre and stone are freely combined with composites and varied types of faux-wood and artificial stone to achieve the designer’s desired visual effect, why not mix older and new decor themes to create your own unique interior style with fashionable flair?

The Challenge and Charm of Combining Traditional and Modern Themes in Kitchen Designs 

Once you feel comfortable experimenting with different combinations of traditional and modern thematic elements for your kitchen’s interior design, you can devise some intriguing and highly effective stylistic results, such as the following:

• Retro Hexagon Floor Tiles with New Black Appliances.
– When you combine the familiar traditional hexagon floor tiles with the latest shining black kitchen appliances, these two design elements complement one another, each showcasing the other’s strong visual appeal. Although the sleek, streamlined dark ranges, fridges and dishwashers have a large, expansive appearance and each floor tile is of uniform, miniature size, both design elements offer a dynamic and pleasing effect that emphasises the other’s attributes.

• Rose Marble Benchtop with Pink and Gray Glass Tile Splashback. – By including the charming mix of a stunning, sedate, rose marble benchtop and a sparkling glass tile splashback in pink and gray, you will create a very attractive interior design effect for your home kitchen decor. This combination of retro and contemporary features is an example of how a somewhat unlikely pairing of two different stylistic elements from diverse eras of design can create a new, engaging and desirable look and ambiance.

• Concrete Floor Tiles in Abstract Designs with Repurposed Wood Wall Paneling. – When you mix modern concrete floor tiles in brightly coloured, geometrical designs with stately, deeply grained wood wall paneling, using repurposed timbre from older homes, these two different design elements seem to assume specific qualities from one another. While the wood hues and textures seem to gain volume and importance, the crisp patterns of the floor tiling soften and blend somewhat with other items of decor in your new kitchen interior.

When you consult the experienced design, building and renovations experts of Knebel Kitchens located in Ingleburn, NSW, you will receive highest quality advice and designs along with top-tier building and remodeling services. Our experienced, professional design and construction team will help you to select ideal design and decor elements and features to ensure that your new kitchen interior will be a unique, fashionable and highly functional room for the great benefit and enjoyment of you and your entire household.

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