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Modern Kitchen Design: Create Contrasts with Dark and Light Hues for Your New Kitchen

Blog | February 14th, 2018

You spend so much time in your modern kitchen that you need to ensure that it has an eye-catching, functional design. While you may understand all of the elements that are necessary to make the kitchen as efficient as possible for your needs, you might be in a quandary about what décor will be pleasing to your eyes day after day. One modern kitchen design that many homeowners are turning to today is creating contrasts with dark and light hues in their new kitchens. We provide you the following ideas for combining these different hues in a way that results in an optimal attractive appearance.

Light Cabinets with Dark Floors

Install dark-coloured flooring in a kitchen with light cabinets of white, cream or a pale wood shade for the cabinets to pop out at you when you enter the room. Numerous possibilities for the flooring with this idea from wood laminate to natural stone.

Dark Cabinets with Light Floors

If you prefer light kitchen floors, make your cabinets dark as in black, cherry or even navy for just three examples. Flooring in light shades sparkle in comparison to the deep cabinet tones, especially if you install light shades of ceramic tiles or marble. For a more subdued effect, though, opt for a light simulated wood tone in laminate.

Light Stone Countertops on Top of Dark Cabinets

Another great combination to for bringing dark and light hues together in your kitchen is by choosing light stone countertops of marble, granite or even engineered quartz for the top of your dark cabinets. For example, white marble countertops on walnut cabinets. Of course, you can do the reverse with dark laminate or another type of countertop with light cabinetry if you so desire.

Place Both Dark and Light Hues Together on the Walls

Paint the walls light with dark trim or dark with light trim. You also can select wallpaper that combines these dark and light hues. Consider black and white geometric designs in wallpaper for instance.

Light Appliances with Dark Cabinets

Appliances today come in a wide range of colours but white and stainless steel are at the top of the list. Combine either with dark cabinets for an attractive ambiance in your kitchen.

For further ways to create contrasts with dark and light hues for your new kitchen, consult with Knebel Kitchens for our take on this modern kitchen design idea. We skillfully create kitchens that are highly attractive, innovative and functional. We also specialise in custom joinery for other areas of the house as well, such as bathrooms, staircases, wardrobes and entertainment centres.

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