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Modular Kitchens versus Custom-Designed Kitchens

Blog | August 27th, 2018

Homeowners have two main choices for outfitting their kitchens. One is by using modular, stock cabinets that come ready-made in a limited assortment of styles. The other way is by installing custom-designed cabinets that are made to their exact specifications and preferences. While the first choice is cheaper than the second is, it is also the one that may not create the type of kitchen that you truly need for your home. Let us examine both types in further detail in the following.

Modular Kitchens

Before you select a modular kitchen for your home, you need to be certain that you understand exactly what limitations it has, such as the ones below:

• You have one choice in the height of the kitchen cabinet. Most stock or modular cabinets are about 889-mm to 900-mm tall. There are a few choices in widths that range from 600 mm to 1200 mm. With stock cabinets, you have one choice of depth, and this may vary only slightly between manufacturers. As a result of these limited choices you may discover that modular cabinetry will not fit into your space in an ideal fashion, and you will need to make compromises.

• Also, the finishes typically are limited to popular colours and do not include unique ones.

• Oversized appliances will not fit flush with the cabinets. While this may not be that inconvenient, it fails to be as aesthetically pleasing as when the appliances and the cabinets are the same depth.

• Your choices of countertops also may be limited in number.

Custom-Designed Kitchens

If you are a person that resents limitations on your kitchen options and strives to stand out from other houses in your neighbourhood or area, custom-designed kitchens are for you. Refer to the following to learn the benefits of custom kitchen cabinets:

• You decide upon the height, depth and width of your cabinets. The only limit on these dimensions is the available space in your home.

• The finishes and colours also are your choice. Custom design allows you to use unique combinations that are not available with modular kitchens.

• When you have oversized appliances, you can design the cabinets to have the appropriated depth for the appliances to fit flush.

• Another benefit of custom-designed kitchens is unique cabinet inclusions, such as warming drawers and pull-out shelves.

• You have more choices for countertops.

For further facts about modular kitchen versus custom-designed kitchens, turn to Knebel Kitchens. We will meet with you to provide you with a free quote upon request. Also, we specialise in all aspects of custom kitchens from design on through to installation. Our expert joiners ensure that every detail of your kitchen cabinets is high quality, attractive and durable.

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