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New Open Kitchen Concept for Your Home in Blacktown: Choose Knebel Kitchens

Blog | April 8th, 2020

A home in Blacktown is one that you can pride upon. As a booming area in New South Wales, it boasts of its growing community, recreational services, diversity and employment. It is in the heart of the Greater Sydney region only kilometres away from Sydney’s Central Business District (CBD). Open kitchen concepts are common in suburban neighbourhoods such as this one. If you are in the lookout for a new open kitchen concept for your home in Blacktown, look no further than Knebel Kitchens.

Knebel Kitchens Offer Open Shelving for Open Kitchen Concept

One way to immediately make a kitchen feel bigger and more open is to remove the cabinet doors completely. This increases the open feeling in the entire area. Open shelves in your kitchen can push the walls farther, thereby giving the illusion of a larger cooking area. For a kitchen that is strained on space, shelves allow you to maximise every square inch of your wall. They also unlock much-needed space that would otherwise be taken up by doors, offering, in turn, a high-on-space, airy feel.

By storing rice and nuts in differently sized mason jars, you can additionally create a fabulous visual display. The delightful arrangement in this picture is a nod to effortless yet elegant storage. Mason jars are available aplenty both online and in hypermarkets. Choose from a galaxy of designs and shapes to light up your shelves.

However, you need to have clean and organised shelf space, so that means no cluttered dishes and spices. Instead of removing the cabinet doors entirely, you can simply switch to glass cabinet doors. This is perfect for a modern design that creates a surprising amount of extra space.

Knebel Kitchen Offer Smart Storage for Open Kitchen Concept

Creating storage in a matchbox kitchen can often seem like an impossible task. The secret to effective storage lies in using every little sliver of your space optimally. Consider using corners well, think storage above cabinets, bring in modular furniture customised for challenging spots.

You can have a vertical layered drawer that exploits an otherwise unproductive space along the cabinet range. The double-racked drawer is an ideal harbour for oil, spices and other essentials one may want to keep within arm’s reach. If you have a longer space to fill, opt for a full-length pull-out which you can use to store utensils, food or crockery.

Knebel Kitchens Can Install In Wall Appliances for Open Kitchen Concept

Bulky appliances like your refrigerator and microwave can feel like big blocks in the middle of an otherwise open space. If your refrigerator is always in the way and your microwave is taking up a ton of counter space, it’s time to consider in-wall appliances. You can create a surprising amount of space by mounting your microwave above your range and creating a space for your fridge in custom cabinetry. It may sound like a big project, but the professionals at Knebel Kitchens can pull it off. If you want to make more space in your kitchen, we’ll make it easy.

By consulting our kitchen design experts of Knebel Kitchens located in Ingleburn, NSW, you will benefit from excellent advice, designs and installation services for updating and enhancing kitchen cabinets and joineries.

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