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Open Kitchen Windows that Showcase Relaxing Outdoor Views

Blog | October 17th, 2017

When you install open kitchen windows that showcase glorious, relaxing outdoor views, you are inviting the vibrant health of your natural surroundings to share and enhance your interior food preparation spaces. Since cooking is both a practical necessity of home living and a creative art form, it makes good sense to prepare your meals in a health-promoting environment with fresh, natural air and sunlight to freshen and brighten your entire kitchen through your spacious, open style kitchen windows. Even if you have a single window in your kitchen interior, if it is large and folds, slides or swing open to let in the inspiring sparkle of sunlight and fragrant breezes from outside, you will thoroughly enjoy every moment of your time spent fixing delicious recipes and experimental dishes to nourish and delight all the members of your household.

Pleasing, Innovative Open Window Designs to Enhance Your Kitchen Decor 

Whether you are working with an architect and builder on plans for constructing a new home or in the process of renovating your home’s current kitchen, including an expansive, innovative open window design in your kitchen’s new layout will do wonders to enliven and enrich this major room’s interior. Open window designs that are most frequently used in contemporary kitchen plans and redesigns include the following styles with handsome timber or aluminium mountings and frames:

• Windows That Fold Open. – Expansive rectangular windows of clear, shining glass panes with attractive frames that fold to the side, accordion style for easy opening, invite the fresh green and blossom scents of your outdoor garden into your kitchen. This new freshness is inspiring to kitchen chefs at any hour of the day or night. It is especially pleasing on early mornings, to fold open your wall-length expanse of window space to admit the sun’s early rays and the fresh new aromas of natural plant foliage and blooms wafting through the tree branches near your wide open kitchen window.

• Windows That Swing Open. – Tall, vertical double glazed or uPVC windows that swing or tilt widely outward to open onto your picturesque garden with its sunlit foliage and brightly hued flowers provide an attractive indoor-outdoor ambiance to brighten your entire food preparation and adjoining eating areas. Simply including the outside atmosphere in your home cooking experience gives you added feelings of good health, vitality and overall wellbeing. These feelings are contagious and will put others in your family group or household at ease, lightening their moods as they start or finish their busy work or school days.

• Windows That Slide Open. – Installing an easy-sliding, floor-to-ceiling window along one or more walls of your kitchen will truly bring the great outdoors into your culinary environment. Some homeowners report that their new or refurbished kitchen interiors need very little in the way of additional decor tweaking after this type of wall window is in place. Just by joining your indoor kitchen space with the beauty and allure of nature right outside your window, you can create a fresh, highly appealing kitchen atmosphere that makes your current decor glow with fresh vitality and charm. If you have an herb garden just outside your open window wall, you will enjoy the convenience of reaching out through your window to select your favorite herbs for use in cooking.

• Windows without Closures in Outdoor Kitchens. – Of course, if you have an outdoor kitchen in your garden, poolside or deck entertainment area, the open walls offer natural windows without closures that combine your kitchen with the scenic views and aromas of your garden and the surrounding lawns or countryside.

By consulting the experienced, versatile experts at Knebel Kitchens in Prospect, NSW, you will gain valuable advice, designs and installation services for all your open kitchen window desires and needs. This excellent team will guide you to making the very best choices in open window styles to create a completely charming and inviting new and natural kitchen environment that successfully unites the finest features of your kitchen’s indoor and adjoining outdoor settings.

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