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Polyurethane Kitchen Cabinets: Qualities that Make Them Stand Out

Blog | July 12th, 2018

Polyurethane kitchen cabinets have a distinctive, clean-cut look and attractiveness that makes them stand out in the overall design scheme of kitchen decor. They have actually overtaken the popularity of natural timbre cabinetry and painted metal standing cupboards that were in vogue a few short years ago. Although many people still favour the use of natural construction materials like wood or the strong reassurance of long-lasting metals, polyurethane, or plasticised cabinetry construction has recently come to the forefront of preferred decor in many culinary preparation settings.

Qualities that Make Polyurethane Kitchen Cabinetry Stand Out as Strong Decor Elements

Qualities and features that make polyurethane kitchen cabinets stand out as powerful yet attractive decor elements today include the following:

• Attractive Surfaces Finishes.
– Polyurethane kitchen cabinetry has attractive surfaces of myriad different colours, patterns and textures. These surface features can blend with or confront and enhance the surfaces of other kitchen decor such as walls, splahback, ceilings, flooring and benchtops. The smooth, bright or subtle hues, designs and varied levels of texturing that these cabinet surfaces offer can strengthen and enhance the entire fashion statement and allure of the overall kitchen interior design.

• Lasting Durability.
– The durable, lasting quality of polyurethane adds practical advantages to the use of these cabinets in kitchen decor. Because these surfaces are resistant to scratching, scarring, scraping or staining, they are attractive for use in busy home or commercial kitchens today. These cabinetry designs are also easy to clean and maintain, especially when wiped clean daily with a clean, damp cloth. This makes heavier cleaning later on easier and faster while maintaining attractive sheen of cabinet surfaces.

• Modular Features. – Because many kitchen cabinet styles made of polyurethane are produced with interior modular units for convenient divisions in storage space for better organisation in your kitchen, these cabinets are still growing in popular usage. Sometimes the modular designs for these cabinets and cupboards are actually lower in pricing than the regular, pre-made designs. Even customised cabinetry made of this material are less costly and often, more durable, than cabinets fashioned from natural sources.

When you contact our kitchen cabinet design experts at Knebel Kitchens, you will receive top caliber guidance, designs and installation services for your new polyurethane kitchen cabinetry. Our expert design professionals will answer all your questions concerning the values and virtues of choosing polyurethane as a cabinet material. In addition, our experienced decor experts will equip your kitchen with stylish, durable and highly functional cabinetry to satisfy your every culinary storage need, preference and whim. Contact our fine kitchen design team today for the very best in kitchen cabinet updating advice.

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