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Pros and Cons of Hand Painted Finishes in Kitchens

Blog | September 10th, 2020

A hand-painted kitchen is a type of kitchen finish where cabinets and entryway fronts are prepared and then hand painted according to the property holder’s favoured style. Hand-painted kitchen styles include conventional, cabin, endured or smooth and contemporary.

Kitchens cabinets can be hand painted on the off chance that they are produced using uncovered, lacquered or waxed wood, MDF, foil wrapped laminate, melamine or acrylic. Spectacular hand-painted kitchens are around the world, and it’s anything but difficult to perceive any reason why. With paint almost as old as humankind itself, we can redo pretty much anything within a small budget

Hand-painted kitchens are an incredible method to refresh your kitchen finish to get the look you need. Done by experts, a refreshed kitchen can certainly increase the estimation of your home and give you a kitchen you love. Here are the pros and cons of hand painted finishes in kitchens.



A hand-painted kitchen is a moderate option in contrast to replacing or remodelling. Paint can totally change a kitchen at a small amount of a redesign’s expense and increase property estimation.


Paint is an adaptable medium that can be controlled to suit any style. You can have any hand-painted kitchen, from whitewashed strong wood to minimalist level front kitchens.


The right preliminary will guarantee that the paint binds with the kitchen cabinets’ and entryways’ surfaces.

Easy to Install

You can undoubtedly invigorate the appearance of your hand-painted kitchen with an alternate paint finish, shading or style. If your kitchen is in a decent condition you can paint over the existing cabinets and entryway fronts.

Low Maintenance

Scuff stamps and scratches can rapidly be fixed up with paint at home. You can do it with a professional’s help – If you follow the right paint system, you can make an expensive-looking hand-painted kitchen.


Inability to Hide Damages

Broken or chipped kitchen cabinets should be replaced as paint won’t shroud the basic damage.

Brushstroke Marks

One of the most continuous hand-painted kitchen issues is paint marks. Inexperienced painters can without much of a stretch leave obvious paint brushstroke marks. That is the reason it’s ideal to enlist a professional to do the paintwork.

Matte Hues Can Look Messy

Because matte paint doesn’t spotless as effectively as semi-gleam paint earth, and particularly oil slicks are noticeable. It can take a couple of days to give a kitchen a hand-painted makeover. How long the cycle takes relies upon how intricate the particular paint finish and detail you require.

Disruptive Remodel

The kitchen is often the focal point of the house, and the hand-painted kitchen cycle will make the region hard to use for a couple of days.

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