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Provencal Kitchen Design: A Country Vibe for an Australian Home

Blog | June 17th, 2019

Provencal kitchen designs in Australia bring the fresh, healthy ambiance of a scenic country vibe to home kitchen decor. Originating in Provence, France, this long-lasting, popular mode of interior design is both soothing and energetic in sensibility. The uniquely grained beauty and richly hued luster of the natural timbre used for cabinets, cupboards, countertops, and kitchen islands lend a strong sense of warmth and earthy vitality to a kitchen interior.

Furnishings painted in light or neutral shades complement the natural wood surfaces and subtly patterned ceramic tiling used for flooring, splashbacks, and wall areas. Suspended lantern lighting from the natural wooden beams overhead create a soft, inviting night time environment to follow the room’s earthy, healthy atmosphere during daylight hours.

Typical Features of Provencal Kitchen Designs for Today

Some familiar features that are typical to Provencal kitchen designs include the following attractive and practical items:

• Mobile Kitchen Islands. – These charming and convenient kitchen island designs range from marble-topped, natural timbre islands with enclosed cabinets and drawers to butcher-block tables with hand-carved legs. Both styles and their many variations are mounted on wheels for easy mobility as needed. These mobile islands can be easily wheeled to different areas of your kitchen or pantry for convenience during food preparation, cooking and serving.

• Hanging Wine Glass and Herb Racks. – Natural wood or wrought iron racks hanging on decorative chains from the ceiling or overhead exposed wooden beams provide decorative embellishment for your kitchen decor. These appealing racks also offer convenient storage of wine glasses and dried or freshly grown herbs that are tied in bunches and ready for use in salads and hot dishes.

• Glass-Pane Cabinetry Doors. – The characteristic sparkling glass-pane cabinet doors in Provencal style kitchens brighten and enliven the room’s interior. They also provide easy viewing of plates, glasses, flatware, cooking vessels or utensils stored in your kitchen cabinets. These attractive cabinets are often handcrafted of natural timbre with glowing surface luster, lending an overall ambiance of welcoming warmth and charm to your home kitchen and adjoining bar or breakfast nook areas.

By engaging the expertise of the Knebel Kitchens designers and builders, with head office and showroom located in Ingleburn, NSW, you will benefit from ultimate quality home kitchen plans and construction. Our excellent team will assist you in selecting the ideal Provencal kitchen design to enhance the shared home food preparation experience of all the members of your household as well as your many close friends and guests. Everyone will enjoy gathering in the welcoming atmosphere of your Provencal style kitchen with its distinctive natural country vibe and earthy ambiance.

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