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Reasons Why Melamine Kitchen Finish is a Practical Choice

Blog | September 9th, 2019

Melamine is in popular use today for kitchen finishes of various types. It is frequently used to produce attractive and practical cabinets, cupboards and drawers. Melamine has a central core composed of compressed particles of wood. This core is coated with a paper and resin finish, which can be used in the production of kitchen furnishings in different colours, surface textures and styles. These cabinets and other storage areas give kitchens a streamlined, simplistic appearance while blending well with other items of room decor.

Why Melamine is a Practical Selection for Kitchen Finishes Today

Melamine is considered a practical solution for a good kitchen finish today for the following reasons:

• Durable for Daily Use. Since melamine finishes are quite durable for regular daily use, they are considered a good practical choice for kitchen furnishings. Kitchen cabinets, cupboards and storage bins composed of melamine will resist damage from high heat, food and beverage stains and exposure to water. The strong outer layer of a melamine furnishing will last for long-term use and is easy to clean with a damp cloth and mild detergent.

• Wide Range of Finishes. Since melamine is a synthetic manufacturing material, it can be produced in a wide array of attractive finishes. From solid colours to various hues and grains of faux wood to many different surface patterns and designs, this versatile material can blend with and complement myriad styles of kitchen decor.

• Consistent Finishes. Because they are manufactured in a well-controlled environment, large orders of melamine can be produced with uniform finishes when desired. Although natural wood grain products will vary in pattern and colour somewhat within a single order, melamine can be counted upon to give a single, uniform finish appearance.

• Cost-Efficient Material. In comparison to solid natural timbre kitchen cabinets and cupboards, melamine is definitely a less costly choice. As well as offering a practical and attractive option for new kitchen furnishings, melamine finishes are very budget-friendly, allowing more funds for other necessary or desirable items of decor.

When you contact the experienced professionals at Knebel Kitchens at the head office and showroom in Ingleburn, NSW, you will benefit from excellent advice, styles and installation services for melamine finish cabinetry, cupboards, drawers and storage bins for your new or renovated kitchen decor.

Our top-rated team of home building and refurbishing experts will design and create the ideal kitchen furnishings with highly appealing and practical melamine finishes for your kitchen interior. Our pros will ensure that the finished project will be the real-life dream kitchen that you have always wanted and needed to enhance your many projects as an active home chef.

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