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Reasons Why You Should Choose a Hand-Painted Finish for Your Kitchen Design

Blog | December 13th, 2019

A kitchen with a hand-painted finish design has cabinets and door fronts primed and of course – hand-painted based on the homeowner’s preference. They have styles ranging from traditional, cottage, weathered or sleek and contemporary. They can also be made from bare, lacquered or waxed wood, foil wrapped laminate, melamine or acrylic. Hand-painted kitchens are a great way to update your kitchen finish to get the look you want. Done by expert craftsmen, an updated kitchen can certainly increase the value of your home and give you a kitchen you love. Below are the reasons why you should choose a hand-painted finish for your kitchen design.

Cost Effective

A hand-painted finish kitchen design is extremely budget-friendly. It is an affordable alternative to replacing or remodelling. If you are eyeing a fresher and newer look for your kitchen then purchase paint at the nearest store. Paint can completely transform a kitchen at a fraction of a remodel’s cost and increase property value.


If you opt for a hand-painted finish in your kitchen design, you are incorporating a work of art in your home that is entirely your own. You have your own concept to deal with using different paint materials. Paint is a versatile medium that can be manipulated to suit any style. You can have any hand-painted kitchen, from whitewashed solid wood to minimalist flat-front kitchens.

Replaceable Design

A hand-painted finish kitchen design can work on most surfaces. You just have to make sure that the correct primer will make the paint bind with the kitchen cabinets’ and doors’ surfaces. Through this, you can easily refresh the look of your hand-painted kitchen with a different paint finish, colour or style depending on your liking without replacing the cabinets and door fronts. Consequently, if your kitchen is in a good condition, you can paint over the existing cabinets and door fronts.

Low Maintenance

Hand-painted finish in a kitchen design is indeed low maintenance since scuff marks and scratches can quickly be patched up with paint at home. You can do the repair yourself if you follow the correct paint procedure. If you have the time to spare, you can create a professional looking hand-painted kitchen. However, this do-it-yourself (DIY) endeavour is very time-consuming.

If you opt for a hand-painted finish for your kitchen design, you can consult us at Knebel Kitchens. We take great pride in doing designing, manufacturing and installing kitchens, vanities, wardrobes and custom joinery that reflect our unique personality and lifestyle. We offer a no-obligation design and quotation service whatever your project may entail. It is also a fixed price contract which includes all trades and services for the completion of the project.

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