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Reasons Why You Should have a Floating Bathroom Vanity Design

Blog | November 4th, 2019

Bathroom innovations have improved significantly overtime. From being an area in the house merely used for personal grooming purposes, bathroom designs have incorporated several creative novelties to advance its function and promote convenience in a home. This paved the way for significant developments in its design and installation. One of which is the floating bathroom vanity design. The said design enables the flooring to extend all the way to the wall, thus earning the term – floating. Many homeowners have adapted a floating vanity design in their bathrooms due to the functionality and aesthetic it offers. Below are the reasons why you should have a floating bathroom vanity design.

Expands Space

Since the flooring of your bathroom extends all the way to the walls, it naturally creates an illusion that your bathroom is bigger than it actually is. The room would seem bigger because of the light that passes beneath it. In addition, placing a strip or spot lighting beneath the floating vanity helps to enhance the illusion of additional space, thus making the bathroom less cluttered and simpler. It makes the area more spacious as it creates additional counter space. You can easily utilise the usable space as a container for bathroom essentials. Therefore, it now serves as the bathroom’s practical storage and countertop space.

Efficient Cleaning

Since there are no corners and awkward nooks in a floating bathroom design, the bathroom corners can now be easily accessed for cleaning. You can also easily organise all bathroom essentials and equipment to your heart’s content and place them in the added storage space made available by the floating vanity design.


Even though a floating bathroom vanity design is commonly used in small spaces, it can also work well in large bathrooms. Since you can save more space in incorporating a floating vanity design, you can easily customise individual compartments depending on what would look good in your bathroom space.

Overall Appeal

The floating bathroom vanity is considered a minimalist design.  It is categorised as a style that is deemed as sleek, slimline, and perfect as a key detail in modern-contemporary homes. Due to its commonality, they are recognised as fashionable and trendy. Since modern-contemporary decor elements constantly change, the trend now comprises of simplistic forms and functions. They contain clean, linear surfaces, lots of neutrals, and the use of modern furnishings and accents.

For more information on the benefits of a floating bathroom vanity design, contact us at Knebel. We offer design, manufacture and installation of kitchens, bathrooms, and detailed joinery. With our highly qualified and experienced designers, we are committed to providing you with renovations that will enhance your lifestyle. We will do so by first understanding your unique living and family requirements and then providing a finished product that adds value to your home and your lifestyle.

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