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Satin or Gloss? Choose your Polyurethane Finish for Two-tone Kitchens and Bathrooms

Blog | June 4th, 2019

Polyurethane is a resin finish that is used on the surfaces of wood floors, paneling, furniture, shelving and cabinetry to enhance your two-tone kitchen or bathroom decor. As the base component of both satin and gloss finishes, polyurethane is used as a topcoat application for protecting natural timbre from scrapes, scuffs and scratches. You can choose an oil-based, water-based or moisture-cured urethane for finishing your home’s interior wood surfaces, and all three types are available in a satin or gloss finish.

While moisture-cured polyurethane formulas (urethanes) dry faster than oil-based, water-based types dry the most rapidly. Oil-based gloss and satin urethanes are used the most frequently today since they are easy to use on the first application to a wood surface and when refinishing surfaces. Both water and oil-based urethanes have a mild odor during their application and drying time, while the moisture-cured varieties tend to have a strong, lasting smell.

Choosing the Ideal Polyurethane Finish for Two-tone Kitchens and Bathrooms

When deciding on the best type of polyurethane finish for use in completing your new or renovated two-tone kitchen or bathroom, there are qualities and features of each type to keep in mind, including the following:

• Surface Sheen. – A gloss finish urethane surface for your kitchen or bath flooring and cabinets will reflect light and images. This shiny, glass-smooth finish will brighten your room significantly while giving it a more open, spacious and airy atmosphere. Glossy finishes are easy to wipe clean and polish lightly when needed for good maintenance and long-lasting appeal. A gloss finish also retains its fresh, newly applied appearance long after it is used on home floors, walls and furnishings.

• Natural Look. –
When you apply a satin urethane finish to your kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanity, you will enjoy a more natural look than the shiny gloss finish will provide. Especially when applied to natural timbre surfaces with attractive grains and textures, your satin finish will emphasise and enhance the distinctive qualities of the natural wood without overpowering the pure luster and beauty of the timbre with extra sheen.

• Elegant Style. – The highly appealing colour choices currently available in polyurethane finishes is virtually limitless for both satin and gloss finishes. This fashionable and practical surface finish continues to grow in popularity among home builders and renovators today due to its attractive appearance, durability and cost-efficiency. This elegant, stylish surface finish has an excellent record for long-term use and enjoyment in myriad modern households.

When you consult the experienced professional builders and renovators at Knebel Kitchens with head office and showroom located in Ingleburn, NSW, you will receive top quality advice concerning polyurethane finish choices. Our expert builders and craftsmen will guide you to selecting the ideal urethane finishes for the flooring, wall panels, cabinets and other furnishings of your two-tone kitchen or bathroom to brighten and enhance the room’s overall interior decor.

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