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Take Advantage of Knebel’s Premium Range Quartz Stone Benchtops for Your Kitchen

Blog | May 10th, 2021

A kitchen is an integral part of your house, and it has significant influence on its value. For this reason, you should include design ideas and trends in it that will make it stand out. Over the years different materials, colours, layouts and other details have come and gone for the kitchens across this country. Below are reasons to take advantage of Knebel’s premium range quartz stone benchtops for your kitchens.

Over recent years, it has become apparent how durable and attractive engineered quartz is for kitchen countertops. Engineered quartz is a man-made material that contains 90-percent to 94-percent pure quartz and up to 10 percent of a combination of resins and pigments. As it is non-porous, it is highly stain resistant without the need of a sealer since it does not absorb spills and moisture. Also, it is heat and scratch resistant, and less expensive and lower maintenance than marble or granite is for kitchen countertops. You can choose from a wide assortment of colour and pattern options to locate the right one for your kitchen décor.

Your choice of a material for your kitchen benchtop affects the overall style and appeal of the room’s decor. A beautiful, smooth natural stone, butcher block or laminate surface will highlight and brighten your kitchen interior. Your food prepping and cooking space may be large, small, open-concept or galley-style.

Regardless of your kitchen’s size or shape, a stunning benchtop can transform the room into a fashionable yet practical workspace. In a modern kitchen with dark walls and flooring, a sleek stone benchtop in neutral shades can enliven the colour scheme. If your all-white or pastel-toned kitchen decor is paired with a dark hardwood benchtop, the deep wood hues add richness and charm.

As a man-produced material, stunning quartz is created from a mixture of crushed quartz, resin and pigment. Quartz benchtops are non-porous, durable and scratch-resistant. They are also more affordable than most natural stone styles. Quartz does not stain as easily as marble and granite and offers easy maintenance. In general, quartz can outlast granite if used with care. Since beautiful quartz colour variations are created by adding pigments to crushed quartz, you can find more colour choices in quartz benchtops than in those made of natural stone.

Check out Knebel’s Exclusive Stone Benchtop Promotion for 2021. You can take your pick from any of the three upgraded premium range quantum quartz colours for the price of a designer range colour. You can select from the options we have namely Bella Carrara, Monte Blanco, and Nuovo Arabescato. This promotions started in January 2021 and will end on June 2022.


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