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The Advantages of Hand-Painted Kitchens over Spray Painted Kitchens

Blog | May 10th, 2022

Kitchen spaces usually possess various designs, styles, and other qualities to effectively cater to the preferences of their respective owners. Some can look modern and classy, while others may appear simple, uncluttered, and straightforward.

One aspect that can alter the appearance of these spaces is their overall finish. Various types of kitchen finishes can be utilised by property owners. Some of them include traditional, contemporary, weathered, and sleek. These styles are mostly known as hand-painted kitchen styles, which can be achieved through the manual application of paint on kitchen surfaces.

Spray painting the kitchen surfaces has been one of the alternatives to hand painting due to its contemporary finish. However, hand-painted kitchens are still preferred by most property owners over spray painted kitchens due to the following reasons.


One of the advantages of hand-painted kitchens over spray painted kitchens is they are affordable. Some may say that the replacement or remodelling of kitchens can yield better results. But when it comes to cost-effectiveness, hand-painting the kitchen is notably better than these options. Even spray painting cannot be as cost-effective as hand painting, given the number of resources needed in completing the former. The only tools needed in hand painting kitchens are a paintbrush, roller, and paint.


Another reason why property owners opt for hand painting over spray painting kitchen surfaces is that it is more versatile. Not all kitchen spaces utilise similar materials. Some may combine waxed wood and acrylic kitchen elements, while others opt for foil-wrapped laminate and bare wood elements. Since paint options today can be applied to a wide range of surfaces without expecting any failure, opting for a hand-painted kitchen is the more practical choice among property owners.


One key benefit of maximising spray painted kitchens is they can look modern and contemporary. However, this benefit cannot hide the weaknesses of these kitchens. Spray painted kitchens that have received some damage cannot be repaired conveniently. They likewise chip more easily. Hand-painted kitchens, on the other hand, do not possess these issues as they can be effectively refreshed just by applying some paint. Any damages can likewise be patched up by property owners.


One more advantage of hand-painted kitchens over spray painted kitchens is they are customisable. As mentioned before, a wide range of paint products can already be utilised on kitchen surfaces today. The liberty to choose their colour, texture, and other resulting output can provide property owners with kitchens that they truly want. From minimalist flat-front to chalk-painted solid kitchens, kitchen owners and other people can truly appreciate and adore their looks.

If you want to attain hand painted kitchens, you can call us at Knebel Kitchens. We offer a range of hand-painted finishes that range from the popular French provincial finish, the distressed look, a washed, rag and drag finish to sponging or crackled effect. We can even provide a hand-painted motif, giving your kitchen a unique personality.

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