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The Knebel Kitchen Personal Touch: Designed for Your Living Style

Blog | July 2nd, 2019

As the central gathering place in your home, your kitchen is everyone’s favourite room for relaxing while preparing or enjoying meals and snacks. Your entire household, your friends and your neighbours may congregate in your kitchen to discuss events of the day over tall, cool drinks in summer or warm, comforting beverages on frigid winter days.

Especially since so much valuable and meaningful time is spent in your kitchen by one and all, this room should reveal your favourite decor fashions, high degrees of practical functionality and an overall feeling of sheer casual comfort. Most of all, it should reflect your lifestyle preferences for a pleasing and inviting, friendly and uplifting home environment.

A Customised Home Kitchen Designed to Celebrate and Enhance Your Style of Living

Your home kitchen should be designed and styled to best emphasise and enhance your favourite mode of living by focusing on such major elements of decor as the following:

• New Benchtops and Flooring. – Aside from your choice of new kitchen appliances and other smaller food prepping and cooking equipment, your preference in benchtop and flooring materials is a major item of importance. Your expert home renovators and kitchen makeover team can advise you concerning ideal choices in marble, granite, quartz and other beautiful benchtop and flooring varieties. Whenever you are in your kitchen to prepare favourite foods while conversing or celebrating with family and friends, you should be surrounded by all of your most favoured items of decor.

• Wall Tiling and Paint Colours. – Including your preferences for wall tiles, splashback tiling and paint colours in your home kitchen update is essential to your ultimate and ongoing enjoyment of this central meeting place in your household. According to your personal tastes, this room can acquire a cool, calming atmosphere with darker paint colours and subdued wall tiling. However, if you fancy a bright, enlivening atmosphere that sparks lively conversation and gaiety any time of the day or night, bright, cheerful hues accented by brilliantly patterned wall tiles may be just the right touch. Perhaps you desire a more sedate interior as a background for the energetic activity of your kitchen. If so, neutral tones for all your decor will soften and lighten your overall design.

• Comfortable Kitchen Seating. – To enhance your lively kitchen gatherings, you most likely will want an abundance of attractive, comfortable kitchen seating. This can be accomplished by adding a series of plush upholstered high bar stools and plenty of comfortable handcrafted timbre dining chairs with cushions in your adjoining breakfast nook and bar area. With these in place, there always will be plenty of space for casual conversations and partying in your highly attractive and inviting new kitchen.

When you consult the expert designers, builders and renovators of Knebel Kitchens with head office and showroom located in Ingleburn, NSW, you will receive top-quality advice, designs and materials for your highly attractive and comfortable kitchen makeover. Our well-experienced pros will enable you to acquire the carefully customised home kitchen of your dreams for the ongoing fine eating, lively conversation and complete enjoyment of your entire household and all of your friends.

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