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The Natural Beauty of Rustic Kitchen Designs Using Timber

Blog | November 6th, 2017

By incorporating the luster and natural beauty of timber in the design of your new kitchen decor and furnishings, you will create a warm, charming and inviting environment conducive to meal preparation and chatting with family members, neighbors and dinner guests. In many active homes today, the kitchen continues the long tradition of providing a central, informal gathering place for one and all before and after meals. With the open or semi-open concept kitchen and eating/entertaining areas in home interior design, everyone can gather easily and comfortably for lively pre-meal discussions or times of quiet reflection amidst the attractive ambiance of your updated kitchen design.

The Beauty of Natural Timber for Your Rustic Kitchen Interior

Natural timber of different types lends nature’s beauty and artistry to the style and ambiance of your newly refurbished kitchen spaces, for example:

• Unique and Handsome Wood Grains. – Whether you select Victorian Ash, Red Oak or Blackbutt wood for your rustic kitchen cabinetry and island, the finished products will glow with the unique, handsome and noteworthy wood grains to enliven your culinary area decor. The possible finished effects for these cabinets is endless, with the myriad staining and finishing products now on the consumer market. You can mirror your favorite wood stain in different sections of cabinets, cupboards and shelving or mix and match as you like. Some homeowners prefer pronounced contrasts in wood finishes for the kitchen’s woodcrafted furnishings, rather than creating a look of uniformity throughout the room.

• Subtle or Dynamic Color Variations.
– When choosing the timber types for use in your kitchen interior structures and decor, you may select woods that have subtle variations in surface coloration. You may, however, decide on timber with dynamic color changes within one small piece or plank. If you use older, repurposed wood for your rustic kitchen cabinetry, the colors will most likely be stronger, richer and more dynamic within your overall kitchen design.

• Attractive Warmth and Character. – All types of timber add appealing warmth and character to your kitchen interior. Especially since this room is often a frequent gathering place in your home for all members of your household, before, during and after meal preparation, creating a warm and inviting ambiance for this room is a welcome gift that everyone will enjoy when in your kitchen and adjoining areas. Rustic style offers plenty of opportunities for exploring the vibrant qualities of both newly harvested and antique timber while creating the look and stylish sensibilities that you desire for your kitchen decor.

When planning your kitchen design or updates using rustic timber and hardware, be sure to consult the experts at Knebel Kitchens with main headquarters and showroom in Ingleburn, NSW. This excellent team of designers, builders and master woodcrafters will create the kitchen cabinetry and other furnishings of your dreams for many enjoyable hours of culinary preparation and socialising with family and friends.

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