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The Pros and Cons of a High Gloss Kitchen Finish

Blog | June 29th, 2022

Tons of kitchen finishes can be maximised by homeowners to make their place attractive, functional, and valuable. One of the finishes they can utilise is the high gloss finish.

A high gloss finish is a type of finish that can be applied to various elements in the area. It can be done by putting in thick layers of paint or lacquer on a wooden or medium-density fibreboard base. And to save some money, contractors can also maximise polyvinyl chloride laminate to make every applicable kitchen surface glossy. Gloss doors and others can likewise be attained through coated metal, solid acrylic, polished glass, melamine-faced chipboard, and high-quality lacquer.

If you are considering a high gloss finish for your kitchen, you must know first its pros and cons. Knowing these things can help you decide whether to go for one or not.

Pros of a High Gloss Kitchen Finish

One of the most notable pros of a high gloss finish is it makes your kitchen look more spacious. This type of finish can make your kitchen look bigger as it can reflect more light than other finishes. As more parts of your kitchen become glossy, they can easily help bounce light around your room, making everything brighter. If you currently have a small kitchen, opting for a high gloss finish is highly recommended.

Another pro of high gloss finish is it can make your kitchen stylish all the time. One thing that makes the high gloss finish still popular today is it does not go out of style. Despite the existence of various modern finishes, the high gloss finish remains to exist thanks to its sleek and elegant look. It can also feature various colours, making your home lively and colourful. This finish is even considered to be timeless due to its long-lasting design and the use of durable finishing materials.

High gloss kitchen finish also has the advantage of straightforward cleaning and maintenance. The materials used for achieving a high gloss finish are mostly waterproof, allowing them to deter dirty elements from sticking onto their surfaces. The only thing you must do when cleaning high gloss surfaces is to wipe them with a soft damp cloth.

Cons of a High Gloss Kitchen Finish

As for the cons, one thing you must know about the high gloss finish is it can showcase more smudges and scratches than other finishes. Since light can reflect tremendously with this finish, you can easily see and spot smudges and stains on high gloss surfaces regularly. They may be easy to clean but cleaning them can be tiring at times. If you have small kids at home, you may want to consider other finishes unless you are willing to clean them regularly.

Another con of a high gloss finish is it can look differently from time to time. The amount of natural light that reflects towards the kitchen surfaces may vary depending on the time of the day. Artificial lights may then be switched once the sunlight disappears. The variation of lighting in the kitchen can make the high gloss surfaces appear different, which can be a bad thing for some property owners.

Despite these cons, many still opt for high gloss kitchen finish due to their valuable benefits. To have one, you can contact us at Knebel Kitchens.

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