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The Provencal Kitchen: Your Inspiration for a Rustic Style Country Living

Blog | July 27th, 2018

When your house is a rustic style one, you need to adhere to this style all the way through your home for a sense of continuity, and this includes your kitchen. There is no better inspiration for a rustic style kitchen than the Provencal kitchen. With this style, you receive a kitchen that is reminiscent of the ones that France has been so famous for over the years.

What Are Provencal Kitchens?

Provencal kitchens are based on the kitchens of France that have always been highly functional with a casual flair. This style is all about making it easy for you to thoroughly immerse yourself in cooking or baking various recipes in the most enjoyable way possible. They differ from traditional style kitchens in the fact that their features are more rustic in nature rather than ornate.

Examples of Features in Provencal Kitchens

• Country Style Cabinets – Cabinets for Provencal kitchens are not quite as elaborate as those in traditional kitchens. Flat-paneled or raised-paneled cabinet doors are both complementary to this style of kitchen. Stay away from slab cabinet doors since they are highly modern or contemporary. You can add accent doors, such as glass-front ones, though, and still be in keeping with the Provencal or rustic style. Open-front cabinetry also is acceptable.

• An Overhead Rack for Pots and Pans – A rack suspended from the ceiling for your pots and pans is another signature design feature in rustic country kitchens in the Provencal style. Not only does this rack offer an excellent organizational tool, it also provides convenient access to your cooking equipment.

• A Work Island in the Same Style as the Cabinets
– When space allows, install a work island in your kitchen since these islands are in many Provencal kitchens. They should be in the same style as the cabinets but can have a contrasting finish if you so desire.

• Stone or Wood Countertops – Both stone and timber countertops are ideal for this style of kitchen. Stay away from formal styles of stone such as lighter shades of marble, though, and opt instead for warmer tones, such as tans, browns and even black tones. Timber countertops can have a protective matte or semi-gloss finish.

• Finishes That Broadcast the Rustic or Provencal Style – All finishes must adhere to the Provencal style. Matte wood stains and antique paint finishes are at the top of the list for these finishes. Also, weathered wood is another appropriate finish.

For further ways that the Provencal kitchens can be your inspiration for a kitchen in the rustic style of country living, consult with Knebel Kitchens. Our company will design, build and install your Provencal kitchen for you in a quality, timely fashion. We provide you with design and quotation services on a no-obligation basis in order for you to easily plan out your kitchen and budget prior to signing any contracts. Also, we only use fixed price contracts for your protection.

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