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Things You Can Look Forward to At Our New Knebel Kitchens Showroom

Blog | March 28th, 2022

As a homeowner, you must ensure that your home will remain valuable throughout the stay of your family. To do this, you must make sure that its rooms and spaces will be appealing and functional.

One area in your home that should be appealing and functional all the time is the kitchen. The kitchen has always been recognised as one of the core elements of a home. Many property owners even call it the pulse of their homes since it serves as the main place where meals are stored, cooked, and served. If you are thinking of modifying your kitchen, you may want to acquire our services at Knebel Kitchens.

Kitchen Modifications at Knebel Kitchens

We, at Knebel Kitchens, take pride in designing, manufacturing, and installing wonderful high-quality kitchens for our clients like you. Our team specialises in kitchen spaces since we know how important they are. It’s where you and your family or friends enjoy a fun conversation over a cup of coffee. It even serves as a place where you can prepare delicious meals for your loved ones.

Based on our years of experience in the field, we have acknowledged that property owners will certainly boast varying tastes and lifestyles. They may even have differences in terms of their preferred looks and functions. So, to ensure that our kitchen can match your preferences, we require one of our designers to visit your home and present various kitchen designs that could fit your property.

But if you want to look for more kitchen styles and finishes, you must visit our showrooms.

Explore Options through Our Showrooms

What makes our company unique from other kitchen designers is we continuously establish showrooms for you and other clients to visit. Visiting our showrooms enables you to look through a wide array of styles and finishes that we can offer for your kitchen. We can even show you how our team maximises and incorporates different materials into a kitchen space.

One of the materials we can integrate into kitchen spaces is polyurethane. It is one of the most popular finishes in kitchens today thanks to its vast colour options. Vinyl is another material that our team can offer to your kitchen, utilising it as the primary material for doors and other elements that require enhanced impact resistance. Some more materials that we can offer are timber and glass.

One more perk of visiting our showrooms is that you can ask questions to our consultants. By meeting us in our showrooms, we can assist you by creating your individual space through 3D imaging. We can even show what your proposed finished kitchen may look like before commencing work.

Knebel Kitchens Showroom at Princes Hwy

If you are near 271 Princes Highway, St Peters NSW, you may want to visit us there so you can have a look at our newest showroom. We have prepared 14 luxury kitchen designs and styles that could fit your preferences. Some of them even have alfresco designs that can suit the conditions of the current times. And while you are there, you may want to ask as many questions as you like whilst having a coffee with our reputable consultants Nick, John, or Carlo to know everything you want about our kitchen designs.

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