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Timber Kitchen Diffuses the Warmth of Nature inside Your Kitchen

Blog | October 11th, 2019

“Timeless timber” is a familiar phrase that we always hear whenever timber is mentioned. True enough, timber is considered as a durable and strong material when used for various purposes. Kitchen timber finishes and the use of real durable timber always provides a warm and earthy feel that gives the full ambiance of comfort and luxury.

Whether you’re simply opting to add tiny touches of timber in your kitchen design or you prefer the pure rustic look of timber, from flooring to counter tops and cabinets, timber can indeed bring warmth and soul to your kitchen space. There are a lot of reasons why timber kitchen can help diffuse nature’s warmth in your home and here are just a few:

Timber Kitchens Create a Spacious Vibe

Timber kitchens create space and a homey atmosphere especially for small kitchens. The long horizontal and vertical lines found in every wood grain can create a vision that your kitchen looks larger in different angles. They create a sense of space and the clean look can add more to a kitchen’s aesthetic design.

Rustic Warmth and Welcoming Atmosphere

The earthy and natural colours of timber always evokes a warm and welcoming atmosphere. This is because, every timber is unique with different lines and patterns complementing each other. There is no limit as to which kind of timber should you use, mixing and matching can be great as well, when done right. Last but definitely not the least, timber kitchens match with large windows so when natural sunlight hits the timber floors and cabinets, they look gorgeous and really stunning.

Luxurious Style and Character

When you take advantage of timber’s natural hues and colours, they create a perfect sense of luxury in your kitchen. If you’re opting to have timber cabinets or timber countertops, they can be matched even when you have a modern or industrial kitchen theme. Adding a touch of traditional theme to your modern kitchen by incorporating timber flooring or cabinets can add depth to your kitchen’s overall appearance that will not detract your kitchen from its 21st century design.

Works Well with Colour

When you have an open space layout for your home, and if you choose to have a timber kitchen, you can experiment with any colour because timber is not only limited to dark or brown colours. Depending on your taste and actual timber material chosen, you can also go for lighter shades. Timber can be a starting point for great designs and creative colours, and you’ll never go wrong. It also goes well when you choose to have natural greens like potted herbs in your kitchen, adding an even more earthy and homey vibe.

By contacting our experts at Knebel Kitchens with head office and showroom located in Ingleburn, NSW, you can obtain valuable information and advice about timber kitchens. Our well-experienced and highly-knowledgeable professionals will guide you in selecting the best suited timber kitchen for your home.

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