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Timber Kitchen Finish: Natural Wood Designs for Beauty and Functionality

Blog | August 17th, 2018

When you are planning to renovate your current home kitchen furnishings and elements of decor, natural wood designs are components you will want to consider including. Natural woods with various finishes are quite popular today, and the natural beauty and luster of Australian native timbers create an impressive appearance in a newly refurbished kitchen and adjoining eating areas.

Whether you choose to incorporate several different types of timber in your kitchen’s redesign or to use just one attractive timbre as a major fashion statement, your new kitchen will definitely glow with creative natural elements of glamour and style when you include natural timber in your interior updating plans.

Natural Wood Designs and Finishes for a Beautiful and Functional Kitchen Update 

Popular use of natural timber designs and finishes for creating a very attractive and functional kitchen interior update include the following:

• Hand Crafted Natural Timber Cabinets.
– Carefully hand-crafted natural Tasmanian Oak kitchen cabinetry creates a splendid ambiance of rich grains and colouration for your new kitchen design. The glowing, vibrant hues of the timber enhance the wood-crafting skills employed to create each sturdy, attractive wall-mounted or free-standing cabinet. These cabinets are easy to maintain with occasional light polishing or waxing of wood surfaces as needed.

• Polished Red Ironbark Utility Drawers.
– This highly appealing variety of timber can be used to create outstanding kitchen utility drawers with sophisticated style and lasting beauty. When placed beneath the benchtop or kitchen island countertop, these luxurious wooden drawers add vivid accents of multi-hued elegance to your unique kitchen decor. This type of wood is ideal for use in kitchens of any interior design mode, from classic traditional to ultra-modern styles. Its colourful luster will endure to enliven the decor and provide lasting usage, even in a heavily used culinary preparation area.

• Handsome Natural-Finish Victorian Ash Flooring. – With new flooring of stylish Victorian Ash, your kitchen will light up with lasting subtle brightness. This new interior will look lighter, even with the overhead lighting low. This natural timber flooring will both absorb and reflect the vital natural hues of this fine wood to brighten and enliven your entire kitchen and all its attractive furnishings and appliances. With a light, but effective surface polish, this flooring will be stain and scar resistant and need major cleaning less frequently than many other types of timber flooring.

When your consult the interior design and installation experts at Knebel Kitchens (Knebel.com.au), you will receive top quality design and installation advice and services to complete your new kitchen renovations project with high success. With the excellent knowledge and aid of these seasoned professionals, you are sure to acquire the ideal new kitchen of your dreams. Contact our experts at Knebel Kitchens today and get started with your exciting new kitchen makeover.

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