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Tips on How to Maintain Kitchen Cabinets for Long-term Use

Blog | January 25th, 2022

After your new kitchen cabinets are installed, your first thought is about how to maintain them for long-term use and enjoyment. Of course, ensuring the beauty and allure of your cabinetry is much easier if these cabinets are of excellent quality. Yet no matter how diligent you are about cleaning, polishing and maintaining your cabinets, with regular daily use, there will be some signs of aging and deterioration, even if slight.

When used over time, even the most well-designed, expertly constructed and stunning kitchen cabinets will accumulate a sticky surface film. This film is a combination of common dust and grime, oils from stovetop cooking and splashes of food juices and beverages. Exposure to heat from cooking can seal this surface film, making it difficult to clean away.

Helpful Tips About Ways to Maintain Kitchen Cabinets for Long-Lasting Use

With the use of the following advice and tips, you can maintain the beauty, value and usefulness of your kitchen cabinetry for long-term use and enjoyment:

• Limit Cabinet Exposure to Heat, Water and Cooking Smoke.
Try to shield your beautiful solid timber, wood veneer or laminate kitchen cabinets from damaging elements in your cooking environment. By limiting their exposure to excessive heat, water and cooking smoke, you can help keep their surfaces from spotting, staining or discolouring.

• Treat Your Stunning Kitchen Cabinets Well. Refrain from leaning against, slamming or jerking your kitchen cabinet doors when opening and closing them. With care, you can avoid the development of cracks, scrapes and scratches on the surfaces of your stunning cabinetry. Install a hood fan above your cooktop to eliminate excess smoke, steam and grease when cooking. Use only soft cloths or sponges for cleaning your cabinet surfaces with a mild soft soap or detergent.

• Keep Burning Candles and Portable Grills Away from Your Cabinets.
If you burn decorative or celebratory candles in your kitchen during holidays or for special occasions, keep them at a safe distance from your cabinets. If you enjoy cooking some foods on a portable indoor grill, be sure to use it on the other side of your kitchen from your beautiful wood, veneer or laminate cabinetry. Smoke and heat from candles and from your grill while you cook meals can do lasting damage to your cabinet surfaces.

• Clean Your Beautiful Kitchen Cabinets Bi-monthly. When you clean your attractive kitchen cabinets twice each month on a regular schedule, they will retain their beauty and allure. By using mild, non-abrasive cleaning agents and soft cleaning cloths, you can help preserve the original lovely surface quality of your highly appealing kitchen cabinetry. For a soft lustre, polish cabinet surfaces with another soft cloth, gently oil them or lightly wax these surfaces.

By consulting our experts at Knebel Kitchens with the head office and showroom located in Ingleburn, NSW, you can obtain excellent advice and tips concerning maintaining your kitchen cabinets. Our experienced team will guide you in caring for your stunning cabinetry with the use of the very best methods. They will help ensure the longevity of your attractive and practical cabinets for your long-term use and lasting enjoyment.

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