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Tips on Kitchen Design: How to Pair Countertop Colours with Dark Cabinets

Blog | September 20th, 2019

When choosing furnishings for their new home kitchens or when renovating their existing kitchens, many homeowners select the style and colour of their cabinets before anything else. Your kitchen cabinetry is a primary item of the room’s decor and often the first feature noticed when friends or family members enter your new kitchen for the first time.

However, the new countertops in your kitchen will have equal importance in balancing the overall style and ambiance of the room interior. These two major elements of decor and their contrasts or complements in hues and tonalities will often determine the degree of effectiveness of your kitchen’s design and lasting appeal.

How to Pair Kitchen Countertop Colours with Dark Cabinets for Optimal Design Appeal

Varied kitchen countertop colour choices that will pair well with dark cabinet hues for maximum appeal in room decor include the following:

• Light, Enriching Contrast. By pairing your dark walnut or mahogany finish kitchen cabinetry with lighter, reflective countertops, you will create a pleasing balance of visual dynamics in the room’s design. As your lightly marbled grey and snow-white or creamy-rose benchtop and counter areas mirror the room’s natural and overhead spot or lamplight, the rich dark surfaces of your cabinetry will absorb the reflected light to display their softer, mellower undertones

• Pure, Bright White. When you choose brilliant white countertops to balance and enhance dark Jarrah or Red Oak natural timbre kitchen cabinets, the resulting vibrant contrast will actually create a strong visual polarity. This powerful effect will enlarge and enhance your spatial perception of your home kitchen interior. As the room appears more spacious and open, both the deep red tones of the cabinetry and the pure white colour of your countertops will become more dynamic while supporting one another with strong yet pleasing contrasts. The radiant glow of the pure white quartz or marble counter areas will brighten the colour variances of your cabinets while giving them more depth and decorative appeal.

• Subtle Gray Shades. Gray is a pleasing neutral colour to combine with ebony or charcoal enamel-painted cabinets. By introducing a soft gray marble or granite benchtop and counters to these shades of cabinetry, you will give your kitchen a relaxing, subdued atmosphere that can enhance home food preparations considerably. In this interior, the sleek dark cabinet surfaces will reflect both natural and artificial light, enlivening and brightening the subtle gray just enough to lend soothing, supporting energy to your kitchen’s overall decor.

• Golden Glow. The warm glow of gold, coral and light umber marble paired with dark chocolate or cocoa coloured cabinetry will softly brighten your kitchen interior with a comfortable, welcoming sensibility and visual appeal. You, your entire household and your neighbors will enjoy gathering in this inviting interior to share relaxing conversation while enjoying your favourite foods and beverages. The combined light and dark earth tones of the room will prevail in natural or artificial lighting at any hour of the day or night.

By consulting our kitchen design experts of Knebel Kitchens located in Ingleburn, NSW, you will benefit from excellent advice, designs and installation services for updating and enhancing your home kitchen furnishings and decor. Our highly knowledgeable and experienced staff will guide you to selecting the ideal combinations in countertop colours to brighten and enliven your handsome dark cabinets to create the ultimate kitchen interior of your dreams.

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